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My long-time best friend came back to visit me and girlfriend for a week and wanted to hang out. On a night I came back from work late, I was way too tired to do anything, so my girl asked if it was cool if she still went out with him. I said it was fine and she went to show him around the city. I figured they would only hit up some bars and drive around. They got back a little before 2 am and I was as asleep as I could be, but heard them come in. I don't know if they were just buzzed, but I overheard him ask her "so what color are your panties?" I was shocked. Until I heard her tell him "I told you they're pink." I was so pissed that when she came to bed and wanted to get close to me, I stayed on my side. I didn't tell her I heard them, but I was angry for a few days afterwards. Am I being crazy or did she actually cross a line?
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