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I have just found out

After many years of marriage, I have just found out about my wife’s past by accident.
she has always, said that there were five lovers before me.
Now I have found out that her total is 60 guys!
This has totally shocked me and left me confused.
Is this a high number, or do other guys have a wife with that number of previous lovers?
anonymous Relationships January 29, 2022 at 3:02 am 0

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How old was she when you married her? How did you find out? 60 is a high number! Did you talk to her about it? It is better not to know the past. Start with a clean slate. That is what I did with my current partner. I told her not to make any reference to her past. What is important is from the time we have been together.
hermenegildo 2 years ago
How many times has she been fucked before you?
anonymous 2 years ago
I dont know....I think she fucked 3 or 4 guys....I dont need to know...
hermenegildo 2 years ago
Dude #1 got her as a fresh virgin. 2 thru 10 enjoyed her learning phase. Most of the anal happened here. Probably struggled getting her blow jobs right for a while.
She gained experience and probably dudes 10ish thru 40ish enjoyed a total fuck beast.
Since there is 20 more, she was attractive enough to get picked up at bars for pump and dumps.

On the bright side: you got a woman that a lot of men wanted to fuck. The down is that they did and had her at her best. That is big number. Sorry.
anonymous 2 years ago
60 guys is high for some but not for others, it depends on your lifestyle.
When I met my wife she had fucked 12 guys and after 20 years of marriage she has now fucked 25 guys & 2 women as our lifestyle is one of wifesharing & poly , she has a regular boyfriend now and we often share her together it’s great fun and I’d love her to reach 60 guys and it’s even better having watched her fuck most of the guys since we got married
Nab 2 years ago
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