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At 17 my best buddy and I got a 16 year old girl drunk. Not just stupid drunk but unable to stand up alone drunk. Never passed out but way drunk. We had sex with her and she was not in any condition to make an informed decision. We had repeated sex over a period of three hours. She never complained or accused us of anything and we never told anyone. Now 15 years later I feel like a real asshole for what I did.
Don Sex May 18, 2019 at 3:29 pm 1
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Thanks God she did no get pregnant....
jim 2 months ago
have you tried to contact her to apologize?
bob 2 months ago
I have tried to find her but have been unable to locate her
Don 2 months ago
If she kissed back,was turned on and asked for more she wanted it. That’s why she never complained
Jimmy 2 months ago
Getting stupid drunk is no excuse for her. She was concious and wanted to be fucked. Feeling bad about it now means you are pwning yourself because of social justice.
A name 2 months ago
She was not completely conscious, so I guess it is a gray area. Maybe it was rape, maybe it was quasi consensual. Turn yourself in and let the jury decide
hermenegildo 2 months ago
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