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To the office just for sex

To the office just for sex

Due to COVID quarantine have been working from home quite some months now. Although my friend works from home as well and we definitely upped our sex frequency, I do miss the attention or flirting from men at work (as I usually got a lot of male attention).

I have cheated on my friend in a threesome with 2 male co-workers in the past and one of them started to flirt with me few weeks ago. He has to be at the office regularly and after texting some while about how boring it was in general and later how boring it was without "delicious" me around.
It was flattering and I played along a bit. Also some dick-pics from within the office followed, daring me to come to the office a day.

So yesterday I told my friend I had to go to the office to pick up some things from my desk drawer. I sneaked into the office which was almost empty except for my co-worker and probably 1 or 2 others in a very different part of the office.

I dared him for a dick pic and told him I would blow him when I was back in the office. I peeked while he unbuckled and got his hard dick out. As soon as he send it to me, he started jerking, so he appearently got turned on by it.

I stepped into his room and surprised him. Before he had time to think things over, I was on my knees sucking him off. Afterwards he ate me out while I sat on his deks and once he was hard again he took me at his desk.

It was just great to be back in the office, although it was only for an hour or 3.

Assie Sex June 20, 2020 at 1:41 pm 0
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Well you can repeat it as much as you can....
bob 3 weeks ago
This is awesome!! Did you orgasm during the quickie?? You're lucky. You get dicks whenever. Have fun. Tell us what you did with him in detail? Incidentally, do you have a bushy cunt? Man, I'd love to fuck you hard!!! Where do you live?
John 3 weeks ago
Just gave him a proper blowjob while he was seated, sat on his desk with legs spread wide open (in short dress) for his tongue and cock.
Don't have a bushy pussy, have a very bald one actually. It wasn't a real quickie, we took our time, guess the blowjob was about 15 minutes or so.
Assie 3 weeks ago
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