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Spousal exchange

Spousal exchange

My husband and I "trade spouses" with another couple maybe twice a month. On Friday evenings my husband goes to the home of the other couple and the other guy comes to my home. On Sunday afternoon everyone goes back home.

Quite often the other guy and I will go on a Saturday 'day trip.' Other times we just stay home and spend most of the day in bed together.

The thing is, each guy is supposed to wear a condom for sex. But, my weekend 'partner' and I no longer do that. We just have sex whenever the mood strikes us. We go 'bareback' and I let him climax inside of me.

Now I'm pregnant, and I'm not sure whether the father is my husband or the other guy. And I'm not sure what to do.

Anna Sex April 05, 2019 at 1:31 pm 0
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Is better to be on the pill but now that it is done just wait until the baby is born and make the DNA test....and go from there...
jim 2 years ago
how do you compare both guys in bed?
bob 2 years ago
odds are your husband is not using condemns either
anonymous 2 years ago
Abortion is always an option. Or tell your husband the truth.
anonymous 2 years ago
Have the baby and keep fucking both guys:-)
Kaching 1 month ago
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