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Sister s Husband

Sister s Husband

When my sister was in the hospital for a few days I stayed at her house. I could visit her and also look after her kids when her husband was at work.

The thing is, I started sleeping with her husband and having sex with him. At first I felt guilty about it. But I am divorced and not been with a man for over a year. We flirted. One thing led to another. He took me into his marriage bed. After that first time I slept with him until my sister came home from the hospital. He really is an excellent lover. I would orgasm multiple times before he would climax inside of me.

What I am doing is wrong, but very satisfying.
Becky Sex May 21, 2019 at 1:27 pm 2
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Can't land your own man so you step in where you should not be. Betraying your own sister for gawd sakes is so classless and utterly low.
anonymous 2 months ago
Becky, I think is fine if your brother in law helps you with your needs. It is important though to avoid hurting your sister so keep it low profile. May be she would approve it since you are such a good sister helping and all
jim 2 months ago
Worthless Bitch
Donna 2 months ago
Do you still fuck him?
hermenegildo 2 months ago
Don't judge her harshly! Becky, you go, girl!!! Fuck that dick and go till you are sore!!! After all, you live only once. Enjoy yourself. We all deserve a good time. Tell us how it is goin'
cuntlicker 2 months ago
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