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My Dark Secret

My Dark Secret

For reference, I am a 57-year-old married mother of six. I married my husband when I was 18 and we are completely in love with each other 39 years later. My husband is a good-looking guy, who is in great shape and could easily pass for 40 and I work out every day and have long blonde hair and am 5'4" and 120 pounds. I still have no trouble getting attention from men half my age.

So, here is my dilemma. MY husband thinks he married a virgin. There are things I never told him and I don't know if I should or not. I don't want to hurt him but I also do not want to live a lie as our life together is entering a new phase with being empty-nesters.

When I was 16, I was horny and loved men. I would make out and flirt but always left before anything happened outside of letting guys get a feel.

One night I was out and met a guy who turned out to be 25. He had a nice trans-am and offered me and my friend drinks and a ride home after a party we snuck out to. He dropped off my friend and then said he had forgotten something and asked if I minded him stopping by his place in Evansville, about an hour from my parents. I was smoking and drinking and told him it was fine since I didn't want to go home yet.

Inside his apartment he lit a bong and then as I sat on the couch in his living room, he went to get what he had forgotten. I was buzzed and turned around to see him standing fully naked with a raging har-on. I was actually a virgin at that time and I blushed and tried to look away but was mesmerized by the sight of an actual penis.

I touched his penis and kissed the tip then let him remove my top and bra. My nipples were so rock-hard, harder than I had ever felt them. I had masturbated many times but this was the first time being with a man. Rodney was so cool and nice about it, he told me it was ok and that I didn't have to do anything I was not comfortable with. I sat topless and we talked and then he asked if I wanted to touch his penis. I did and so I reached out and began to stroke him as his penis filled my grip.

Finally, Rodney asked me to kiss his penis and I ended up with him in my mouth. He asked me if I wanted him to kiss my vagina and I told him yes. He pulled off my tennis shoes and socks and then got my jeans off and my panties. I was scared to death of being caught or getting pregnant but I was too into what was happening to stop him. I ended up naked, on the floor as he sat on the couch and I sucked his penis. I was taken by surprise when Rodney began to cum and held my head tightly and all I could do was swallow to avoid choking. The taste of his cum was different than anything I had ever tasted. Rodney assured me he could not get me pregnant from swallowing his cum.

Next, Rodney stood me up and bent me over like I was being frisked. (A whole other story that I have never told anyone.) I felt his penis press inside me from behind and for a moment it was a shock of sensations. I had already ruptured my hymen riding dirt bikes so I did not bleed but it was still a little painful.

I ended up being fucked by Rodney three times that night with him cumming inside me each time. I loved it and the feelings I experienced. Rodney's roommate also returned at some point and took his turn inside me while I was sucking Rodneys' penis.

Rodney dropped me off at home a few hours later and my dad grounded me for a month from going out. I was scared to death that I would get pregnant but fortunately didn't. I talked to a school counselor and got set up with a doctor and ended up on birth control after that night.

I have not ever told anyone about that night but it still resonates in my head. I want to tell my husband and ask him if we can explore the swinging lifestyle but I don't want to hurt him or our marriage. But, I want to feel that raw emotion I felt that night with Rodney, once again.
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That was before you knew him so it should not matter. On the other hand if you want to to ask him about exchange partners is fine if he is not to conservative or just asking could affect your relationship
bob 1 month ago
Did you have more sex after that and before you met your husband?
jim 1 month ago
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