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So I'll be blunt. Im a married white woman who likes to fuck black men. I found this out in college and really enjoyed that time as there were plenty of black guys interested in fucking me. A few years later I meet a guy, fall in love get married and have two children and life is good. Except I miss black guys. I missed sucking black cock and getting fucked. So.. One night, out with friends, hubby at home, I see a guy who made my pussy ting;e. He was a big guy, very dark and I couldn't help but picture him having a big cock.

A little flirting and he waits til I'm going to the bathroom alone. He "bumps" into me and asks me to meet him after I lose my friends. I agree. I tell him to meet me at a park near my house. Luckily I drove. I dropped off my friends then met him and we fucked in his car. It was so great having a nice black dick in my mouth again and getting manhandled the way black guys like to do. He sent me home well fucked, sore and full of cum and that was it. The gates opened and I snuck off every so often to suck and fuck different guys. I was always afraid I'd get caught tho but as luck would have it fate intervened.

Five years and maybe two dozen guys later my husband starts introducing interracial porn into our bedroom activities. Asking If it turns me on, if I'd ever fuck a black guy. At first I was saying it's exciting but I don't think I'd fuck but eventually I was saying I would if he wanted me too. He definately wanted me too. He pushed me to try, I said yes, a month later were meeting some guy with a huge dick and an hour later I'm on my knees in a hotel room sucking the guy's beautiful cock eventually swallowing his load. An hour of kissing and oral later and he's fucking me hard, doggie, missionary, me on top. We fucked on and off for two hours before he came in me. God I was so drained from cumming.

Fucke d that guy a few more times then hubby set up another date with a guy with an even bigger dick. Took me two hours to make that man cum. I was so sore after but so thrilled. Been fucking the guys he sets me up with ever since plus the ones he didn't know about before. I tell him a guy came into me he says go ahead and fuck if you want. An I want lol. I have the best sex life and the best husband. I fuck twenty men a year on the side and there's plenty more coming and he loves me doing it!
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You are the perfect wife, I wish I had a fun girl like you to cuckold me:-)
Kaching 1 month ago
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