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You can t be serious

You can t be serious

This all happened a long time ago, over 40 years in fact, having read some of the stories concerning this nearly all of them start with, my mother was drunk or my mother got divorced or something along those lines! As for me it was totally different, my mum was not divorced and rarely drank, in fact she was very happily married to my dad, we lived on a private housing estate that had a big wall around it! Life was very cosy indeed, they were for all intended purposes the perfect couple, dad was the CEO of his own company and mum looked after the house, she looked after herself and kept really fit and healthy as we had a indoor gym and despite her age she looked fabulous with a body to die for, that's what having money does for you! She could easily pass for 25!
She was however a self confessed nymphomaniac! She enjoyed sex with dad but christ she missed it when he wasn’t there, and with his business there were times when he couldn’t be home and needed to travel abroad or have meetings to provide us with a lavish if not ostentatious lifestyle, not that he was trying to impress anyone, everyone was the same where we lived, rich!

I could always talk to mum about anything and be frank and candid, it was the way I raised, nothing was really out of bounds even it had something to do with growing up, this was to become very obvious when I hit puberty, like most kids my age it felt really weird, we have all gone through so I don’t need to explain it! Especially the strong emotions that you have not experienced before, having wet dreams and having an orgasm in bed, first time it happened to me I knew what had happened but my main concern was my mum finding it on the sheets! And since she did the washing, it was a dead cert she would, and she did as she told me much later on and kept quite about it cause it was a natural thing to happen while growing up.

I took to masturbating quite frequently in the bathroom while having a shower, at least the cum would wash away forever, but it still happened, less frequently though plus I used to wake up with an erection and dying for a pee! Every guy knows what that feels like!
My dad announced he had to take a trip, over to France to negotiate a deal, maybe a week maybe a month it was unclear but he would keep mum informed what was happening and when he would back.
I don’t quite remember if it was that first night or the next, I was in my room doing something which is along the hall from mum’s, I wanted a drink or something and on leaving my room her door was slightly ajar with a thin slit of light shining through, as I got closer I could hear her voice but she wasn’t talking, at first I thought maybe she has hurt herself but boy I couldn’t have been more wrong, she didn’t hear me coming up to the door, we had very deep pile carpets, I peered through the tiny gap and wow! There was mum on the bed, her legs were wide apart I could see everything, she was using a vibrator on herself! Only now could I actually hear it, I must admit I was memorised as this thing slid in and out of her very beautiful hairless pussy which I had a clear view off.
Then I totally blew it! I made a noise and she suddenly stopped and looked straight at the door, she probably didn’t see me but I was away as quickly and as silently as I could!

It wasn’t long before she came downstairs though and I was quietly crapping myself! Fancy a coffee I’m going to make myself one, yes please mum I said in a rather husky voice it was a dead giveaway, sitting down beside me she sipped her coffee then said, ok young man did you enjoy what you saw upstairs in my room? Mum I’m sorry I didn’t mean to pry I heard a noise and I thought you were hurt or something, well you got or something right but it’s not what I asked you! Well errrrm I said, don’t worry I’m not angry but it’s obvious you did, how long were you there for? About 5 minutes mum, long enough she said, I think we had better have a little chat son, it was the first time I got embarrassed in front of her! And with that she chatted away, she told me how she missed dad when he wasn’t there and this was her way of making up for it, and it was better than having an affair!!!! I asked her if it hurt using that thing and she said no but it served a purpose but was no replacement for the “real thing” ! I said I couldn’t imagine her having an affair with anyone and she replied it would be easy round here have you seen the way they look at me sometimes! Just about raping me with their eyes! I must admit I had noticed it myself when she went out.

Actually I’m not very good at it she said, curious I said not good at what? Using that thing on myself, I haven't had it long and it makes a whirring noise, you must have heard it, yes I did mum, but it’s better than nothing when you dad is away, what you need is a robot mum, and with that we both laughed, yea she said leave it on charge all day she said! Actually son there has been something I’ve been meaning to ask you she said, like I said I’m not very good with it and err, you want me to dispose of it in the river I said? That's sweet of you but no, You're a handsome young lad. I'm sure you have plenty of experience with young girls she said, are you asking me for advice I said? I honestly don't know, she said, after what we had just been talking about she was stuck for words! Ok I want you to promise me something she said firmly, promise me that this will remain purely between us, Don’t worry mum I won’t say anything about what I saw and that’s a promise.
I need you to be respectful about this, she said. No jokes. No laughing. No games. We'll behave like two adults Ok, Ok mum I said,  and no one can ever know. EVER. This will always remain between us, no talking about it outside these walls and even with your dad, especially your dad Ok, yes Ok mum I promise I said.

She seemed content with my promises after giving me a long hard stare. She needed a reassurance that I would be respectful about seeing her that way, or so I thought, I felt a strange sense of uncomfortableness and a weird sense of arousal. I'm sure my mum felt the same, Ok come with me and with that she grabbed my hand and said I want your help with this plastic thing and you are the only one I can trust a 100%, you mean you want me to, yes she said it doesn’t feel the same when I do it to myself, You can't be serious I said, she flashed a look at me and said judging by the lump in your pants I turned you on enormously, don’t think I didn’t notice!
I couldn’t argue with that cause seeing her like that actually did give a huge erection! And with that we went into her bedroom.

Turn around she said, only for a moment, I turned around and faced the wall. I heard the sound of clothes ruffling. I had an idea of what that sound was. But I couldn't have been sure. It was a most unusual situation and my mother is an extremely attractive woman , the sound of clothes ruffling ended, Ok you can turn around now she said, there she was, standing as casual as ever. She wore absolutely nothing! her hairless pussy was on proudly display and she looked stunning, I just stood there in a trance looking!
Well?"she asked, snapping me out of the trance. See something you like, Hang on she said, I need to get something,  she put the vibrator on the bed, then turned and walked swiftly to her bathroom. I saw her naked bum, which looked full, round and tight, and begging to be squeezed, she returned with a couple of bath towels which she spread neatly on the bed, she lay on top of them with her legs together, that gorgeous perfect pussy disappearing between her legs! I stood in total awe of what was happening.

Are you having trouble concentrating she asked light-heartedly, It was then that I fully understood how far my mother was willing to go with this. She was totally serious about everything, mum are you sure about this I asked, WE wouldn’t be here like this if I wasn’t she said, How far do you want me to go? I asked nervously. I mean, how much do you expect me to do ? She just looked at me lovingly as only a mum could do, well she said why don’t you strip down to your underwear first and come here, I really was in a high stare of arousal and she knew it but I did what she asked, I lay beside my mum and she gave me the vibrator, With that, she spread her legs wide open, her pussy looked wonderful, I guess what people call nowadays the holy grail look, there was a slight glistening which showed her arousal, It was an incredible taboo moment.
Can I touch you I asked, Yes sweetheart make me wet enough to use that thing please, I reached forward to touch my mother's pussy. She kept looking up at the ceiling. Her face didn't flinch as I rubbed her outer labia, I touched her clitoris, her body slightly flinched. Her lips tightened. There was no doubt she was aroused, I rubbed her clitoris in a slow gentle circular motion and I could see her body react. After a few more moments of rubbing, I could hear mom breathing harder, by now my cock was fully erect and straining inside my underwear! I pushed my index finger inside her pussy. She felt warm and wet. I couldn't believe it. My finger was inside of her body. And by the look on her face she was enjoying it enormously, After a brief back and forth motion, I put two fingers inside of her. It had a greater effect and I heard mom breathing harder, she turned and looked at me and said thank you sweetheart softly, There was real sincerity in her voice, this meant a lot to her.
My fingers went deeper inside of her warm and by now, soaking wet pussy, she closed her eyes again and enjoyed what I was doing, by now my cock was starting to hurt, she must have realised too, I was facing away from her when I felt her hand reach up and very gently start pulling at the waistband, I kept doing what I was doing, her sexual scent filled my senses, My fingers continued their work. It was absolutely surreal moment fingering my own mother. She enjoyed it. And so did I. All of a sudden I noticed her hand was inside my underwear from behind, she managed to get them down enough to put her hand underneath me and reach round to feel my balls and cock.

You are a big boy now aren't you, why don’t you remove them it must be terribly uncomfortable for you, I stopped what I was doing sitting on the bed and took them off for her, my cock was wet with precum.
I went back to what I was doing with my fingers while my mum stroked me from behind, my cock was bigger that it had ever been,
It felt so wrong, but both of us were in the mood, she spoke softly again, Sweetheart Can you kiss it she asked softly, eyes still closed. Kiss it while you rub it, are you sure I said, Yes please sweetie if you don’t mind, having not done it before and after  a moment of hesitation, I leaned forward and kissed her labia. It felt so soft and smooth. her wetness was on my lips. My head was between her soft thighs and I felt my mother move a little as she opened her legs wider for me, She was definitely enjoying it.

As I kissed and licked her clit with my fingers still inside she began to move up and down gently, her pussy was in overflow with her juices, after a few minutes she asked me to stop, sweetheart what your doing is lovely, but I need more if you know what I mean, I thought she meant the vibrator so I said pass it over then and I’ll put it inside you, Well she said do you think you can use yourself? I mean, I really don’t mind if you do? Do you mean, she gestured to my midsection, I won't mind sweetheart and we have come this far and I’m giving you permission, There was no doubt about it, my mum wanted me to penetrate her with my cock!
I looked down at her, she looked so beautiful, her legs were open and her pussy was drenched, she was so aroused but so was I too, When I positioned myself above her, there was still no objection. but this time, she looked me right in the eyes, her eyes were the deepest blue grey and sparkled, I reached below and guided my erection to her pussy. my cock pressed against her pussy lips and then I pushed gently and entered the forbidden zone.
I pushed and went deeper. Her pussy was tight and warm, and getting wetter by the moment, this is your first time isn’t she said, I have taken your virginity, (it wasn’t but I was horribly inexperienced), Do you like it? Yes I love it I said, go slow sweetie and enjoy it, My mother gasped and groaned softly as I made love to her, her tongue occasionally licking her lips, her long auburn red hair spread out on the pillow underneath her, she began moving her hips up and down to match me, all of a sudden she got really super tight around my cock as she came, nearly pushing me out! She looked at me and smiled cause she knew I wasn’t expecting it! When I cum sweetheart push into me I’ll let you know, Gone was the domesticated mother. Gone was the highly regarded and respected member of the community!

 Her body shook and shivered, fluids leaked from her pussy. It was a good thing mum had placed a bath towel on the bed where we both laid, sweetheart I’m going to cum, as much as she tried to control it, more for my benefit I think, Her body shook uncontrollably and suddenly her body tensed. Her lower back arched and her eyes were wide open as she looked at me, Sweetheart push into me now hard, she wrapped her legs around me pulling me tight into her,  it seemed every muscle in her body tightened and contracted as her pussy gripped onto my cock like a vice as she shot a long stream of squirt, I’ll never forget the look of total ecstasy on her face as she came, she squirted all over my lower half, the bed and even the carpet, it sent me into an immediate orgasm as I felt my cock squirting it’s own load inside her, The moment was powerful and unlike anything I had ever experienced or seen before that night.

She looked up at me and smiled, thank you for that sweetheart, do you mind if I get up? She cleaned herself off and noticed I still had an erection, just wait there a moment giving me a sly wink!
She returned with a clean towel which she put on the bed, I’m pleased you like my body sweetheart, would you like to do it again since you are still hard? And she climbed on top of me lowering herself down onto my cock, I lasted much longer this time and I could feel her juices running over my balls and between my legs, after that she stayed over me and licked and sucked me while I did the same to her, I’ll never forget looking down and seeing her head moving up and down my cock in a slow rhythmic movements, during this time she said she would teach me everything I needed to know about sex, endurance being one of them! She did too and the experience I gained with her proved very useful with my own girlfriend! Although she did ask me to take off my pubic hair! Which I did! there was only one thing, when dad was due home I couldn’t touch her for at least 2 nights before, as she said we can’t have any of you still in there for him to find can we! That was when we used the vibrator and sucked each other but we never did use it that first time!
I was16 when it all started back in late 1974, no one ever found out what we did, I still went out with my friends but I looked forward to dad going away! Eventually I met someone and got married but it never stopped us from having sex! I used to keep mum company when dad was away sometimes sleeping over, no one ever suspected I was just being a good son! And it sort of evened things up a little too, I had a wife and mum had a husband! For nearly 14 years we had sex until dad retired then it got a little too risky to carry on and by then her sex drive had diminished a lot, I did ask her once why it was so high, she said she hit the menopause about a year before we started having sex and it made her a nymphomaniac! Her drive went through the roof and stayed there!
They say you never forget your first love, that I can agree with, I knew her very well indeed!

My beautiful and quite wonderful extraordinary mum was good to her word, people use the word abuse, this was consensual sex between the two of us, I never felt abused or used in anyway shape or form, we could say no anytime we wanted and we never pressured one another, she died April 6 2002, I was shattered, This is the first time I have ever spoke of it and probably the last, but I have enjoyed myself remembering what a unbelievable time we had, I still own the house too, needs some renovation and may move back there soon, it holds so many memory’s for me as does the pics I took of her at the time as I was a very keen photographer.

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