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Wife Likes Cuck RP

Wife Likes Cuck RP

Wife is 51 and a BBW. I started her on the idea of her being a Hotwife. She always says no to the idea and I’m not to sure if I could handle watching her. But I do think of it all the time and love the thought.

When we role play I always say she has a young BBC boyfriend who fucks her as I watch. She gets immediately wet and starts to talk deep and soft. I fuck her and she uses her vibrator also on her clit. She cums so quick. The other day she came in less than a minute which is the fastest I’ve ever seen her cum.

I’m beginning to think she really wants this. The BBC always gets her.
Scott Sex June 07, 2021 at 8:55 pm 0
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Scott, have you tried showing her some amateur videos which show other wives enjoying being fucked by a strong, young black guy? You may find she finds them very interesting.
Julie 1 month ago
Hi I too think a lot about seeing my wife with a big black guy. When we play she would get super horny and cum hard from fantasizing about it. I have made many videos of her getting excited and cumming. I have shared them with many men and especially the black men are ready to take her and fuck her good. She is a large lady and not a turn on to many men but it seems black men love large white women. I can no longer get hard due to a heart condition and so I please her with toys and my tongue. I know she wants more but is afraid to admit it to me because she thinks it will hurt me or I won't understand. I so want to have her thoroughly pleased by a big hard long lasting cock.
We are going out of town for our anniversary and I have set up with a black guy in the area a erotic massage for her as a anniversary present. She doesn't know it will be a erotic massage so we will see how it goes and maybe she will get a good fuck out of it.
Jim 1 month ago
Julie, yes I have showed her those videos. She really enjoys watching them even though she acts like it’s what I like( which I do) and she just watches to appease me. I have found videos like that on her search history in the past before she realized she needs to clear the history.

Jim, I’ve thought about doing that for her myself. Hope it works out and you both enjoy it.
Scott 1 month ago
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