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Wednesday night out with the girls

Wednesday night out with the girls

I work with 4 other women. All of us between 24 and 28. Three of us are in dedicated relationships. We started going out on Wednesday nights. Dinner and hit a bar after work. It started out very innocently then we went to a club that is super popular. We now go there every week and it has gotten way out of hand. We are all getting hit on and we have all taken it to the next level at least once. I know this is wrong and dangerous but it has been so good for my ego. I love the challenge of attracting a hot guy and the forbidden fruit is absolutely delightful. I don’t want to hurt my fiancé by playing around. It has to stop but none of us wants to be the one to break up the party.
Kris Work November 12, 2023 at 3:23 pm 0
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Let’s be honesty you are not in a dedicated relationship. You are in a one way relationship, you want all of the attention when you have a good man at home that trusts you, and you wonder why guys say BS on I am just going to have dinner and a few drinks with my girl friends, and if the guy slightly indicates that he is uncomfortable for you to do this the response is why don’t you trust me, are you jealous, you are so insecure, why are you so controlling blah blah.

With that said….I wish you were my GF because I would fuck up twice
as bad once I found out you were cheating! You honesty think four women can keep a secret. If one of you get busted they will sell you down the river in a heartbeat to save their own half ass relationship. I love women that cheat
and then cry on my shoulder about their spouse or boyfriend! Then women wonder why guys don’t want to get married. You will get caught it is just a matter of time trust me. You will crush a guys heart and he will never trust a woman again!

Respectfully, I know it is a confession and perhaps you have a little remorse, but not enough remorse from you spreading your legs for some stranger that has nothing invested in you.

May I ask you are you okay with your partner going to a dance club (because guys love to dance) and nothing is going to happen or cut out the BS games that women play and go to the strip club? It cost the same and the odds are better to get some sexual attention.

I hope you focus on a real relationship and figure out how to divert your attention to one person and keep them happy.

Gibby 3 weeks ago
Give me a break. You guys would fuck a snake if had ears then go home to your girlfriends and piss and moan about how hard you have been working.
Britney 3 weeks ago
Wow—that is kind of an angry reply. May you have a better day today
Bill 3 weeks ago
Dear Ms. Britney,
May I ask you a question? You have a legit confession in front of you not altered 3-4 women cheated! And your response is flipping it to a guy would fuck a snake if it had ears on it. I have no issues at all with women having sex with as many men that they so desire, matter of fact I encourage it I love sluts. But don’t be in a relationship while doing it. Are you endorsing this kind of behavior? Let me beat you to a question that you may bring up? If women are sluts what does that make men. I hate to state the obvious but the answer is slut makers. I am 100% for women’s equality yep pay half the bills, work 50 hours a week and come home with a smile and not an attitude and get ready to have sex! If you would also like to go bare your chested in public please do!!! Damn I think we are finally winning the war on equality go women on feminism! Suck as much dick and fuck away until you gag or can’t walk. And I will marry the gal next door that isn’t a slut. Yep my choice!

Gibby 2 weeks ago
You are so wise and articulate that no girl next door could ever resist you!!! Give me more of your wisdom. My life needs to turned around and you are my prophet. Now do you feel better!!! N

Britney 2 weeks ago
Hi Ms. Britney,
I think I am in love with you, are you my girl next door, please try to resist a little?

No BS, I love your witty reply and sarcasm! You could have just told me to F off and call me an A hole but you didn’t you thought of a witty response, thank you!

But you didn’t reply to my question you just diverted it with sarcasm (no you don’t owe a reply). So out of curiosity you defended cheating by blaming men, no where in the confession did the writer degrade men she owned what she did? Do you actual condone this type of behavior? It amazes me how women will support another women when they are cheating, but when they are cheated on by the man they will call the man an a hole? I think it is wrong to cheat period and it is very harmful to another person.

I could be wrong but I suspect your very first response was because you were cheated on and triggered the response. I am sorry that this may have happened to you and may have created hatred towards men (or just me).

I will confess that I was cheated on by my ex wife, she was the love of my life and best friend. Before you say well that’s obvious that you are divorced. We were very close we tried having children together and it put a huge strain on our relationship. She then got caught cheating and begged for forgiveness, I knew at that time it was time to let her go and not be selfish she wanted to have children with a husband she did not want to adopt or use any other method. I felt like she would resent me for the rest of her life if she stayed, she understood and we parted ways.

To answer the actual question that you asked me. Do I feel better now? The answer would be yes.

I apologize if I was abrasive, I hope you have a great day and perhaps we may have one thing in common that we can agree that cheating can be extremely harmful to others.

I wish you well, I meant no ill will towards you.

Gibby 2 weeks ago
Can you describe what happens in a typical "next level" session? Do you do some BJ and then PIV? How many have you had sex with while with your fiancee?
Jim 2 weeks ago
Can you describe what happens in a typical "next level" session? Do you do some BJ and then PIV? How many have you had sex with while with your fiancee?
Jim 2 weeks ago
Ok I admit that what we have been doing is wrong. We decided as a group to stop and just have dinner together. I think the three times I allowed myself to stray is inexcusable and morally repugnant. I have no excuse—I did it. I loved the attention and the challenge of getting a hot guy to want me. The sex was great simply because it was just a one time thing and that made it exciting. Throw stones at me if you must but I think I know myself a little better now and I will be a better wife. Now that I have strayed I know better what I want than I did before. You have a right to your opinion so go for it.

Kris 2 weeks ago
No stones need to be thrown, I just truly hope that you release the hurt that you can cause to your husband that I am sure probable adores you. The pain that he will feel and believe me you will also feel an immense amount of pain by betraying him. It is the one of the worst feelings.

It is hard to avoid the rush of getting attention by another man it starts out with just an innocent kiss than a touch then you get addicted to the chase. It is hard to refrain from this once you have started. I hope maybe a few words that I have said deters you from doing this.

Sometimes I wonder why women will get dressed up do their make up, wear sexy bra and thong and go out with their GF’s and the husband that hopefully is taking care of paying the bills and does whatever makes you happy and bends over backwards for you, gets the worst end of the deal. The wife will wear frumpy closes, no make up, put their hair in a pony tail all weekend, and want carry out food served to her, and the strange dude that has nothing invested gets to see her dressed to the nines looking smoking hot. Why not do this for the person that loves you and not a total stranger.

I do respect that you did not blame your your husband as an excuse for having numerous affairs.

You were also respectful and didn’t tell me to F off or be sarcastic.

I wish you well on keeping your marriage intact, but statistically you will eventually file for a divorce believing that there is something better out there. Thinking that you can do better than your husband. The odds are not good! Most likely you have creating an out or it has entered your mind? Please tell me I am wrong and be honest?
Gibby 2 weeks ago
You have a hurt locker full of bad memories in your baggage. Look like a slob at home—don’t dress up, do makeup or cook——-Really I am sorry that Love Of Your Life treated you so poorly.
To set the record straight. I am not married but engaged and I most generally wear nice clothes and makeup. I have short hair so never have a ponytail. I am a pretty decent cook and seldom eat fast food or takeout. I will admit I seldom wear sexy clothes because my job requires subdued professional clothing so that is the majority of my wardrobe. I don’t even own any thong panties. I am not the model type but not a plus size either.
I did cheat three times and you are right it starts innocently and quickly escalates and it is addictive. I think that is behind me but only time will tell. Not sure if any relationship is forever in today’s world.
Kris 2 weeks ago
Hi Kris,
No hurt locker, my comment was in general. My wife actually was very sexy she wore sundresses, dressy shorts, crop top, and wore make up that wasn’t over done. She also wore sexy lace bra panties or thong, and lingerie to bed most nights. If you actually read my previous post we broke up because we couldn’t have children together and she cheated.

If your position is…”not sure if any relationship is forever”my humble opinion is you are not ready to get married. Why would you enter into a marriage contract if you know you are going to break the contact? Don’t you think this is disingenuous?
Gibby 1 week ago
Gibby, men algo cheat.
Ramón 1 week ago
No disrespect but you are stating the obvious, no where in my thread did I defend or state men didn’t cheat. I did state the it is very harmful on both men and women. I wish more people could have integrity, compassion and loyalty to one another and not be selfish and what’s in it for me attitude or they feel entitled.
It is pretty simple treat people how you want to be treated especially the ones that love you! Betrayal can be so devastating in linger your entire life.
Gibby 1 week ago
Ginny/Ramon /Jim
Thank you for your comments and input. I am grateful for your interest in my confession. I am going to spend the long weekend with the man that I love and not think about what I did in the past. I am not going to worry about what the future will bring. I am going to be the best person I can be and let fate/God/ providence determine what happens. Thanks Again
Kris 1 week ago
Enjoy your holiday you put a smile on my face! I truly wish you well!

Gibby 1 week ago
May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend and enjoy the blessings of your labors with those you hold dearest.
Kris 1 week ago
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