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I was tricked into letting a man suck my cock I was in Fort Worth Texas and I was walking looking for a place to get some lunch when a guy in a truck pulled up beside me and said he Joe how you been man I have been looking for you , I told him that he had the wrong person because I wasn't Joe he said that I looked so much like Joe that we could be twins ,he said that it was a woman friend of his birthday and all she wanted was to find Joe naked well he talked me into going to his place I was horny and wanted a little pussy so we get to his apartment he gives me some swimming trunks to change into while he fixed us a drink. We went out to the pool and talked a little then he hands me a book I start reading it and it is sex stories I got a throbbing erection it was so hard it hurt he then tells me he can see my cock so I adjust the swimming trunks and put the book down a little embarrassed that he and possibly a couple of other guys have seen my cock . we went inside to his apartment because he said that we needed to get ready for the girls and that I had to be laying down naked so we both got naked and laid down on the floor I fell asleep because of the drinks I had when I woke up I had a throbbing erection again and he asked me when the last time I got laid was because I had a big cock , I told him that it had been a while. He asked me if he could suck my cock he said that the girls would appreciate it as I wouldn't cum as soon if I had already gotten off . I not sure how he convinced me to let him suck my cock but he licked and sucked my cock and balls for nearly an hour when I pulled out of his mouth and blew my load all over his face and chest I had never done anything like this before . The girls never did show and I think he just said that there were women comming to his house to get me there . In the morning he sucked my cock agin this time I came a huge load in his mouth . I jacked him off and played with his balls and left I was tricked into letting a guy suck my cock a couple of more times and once I was hitch hiking across the country and a man said that if he could see my cock he would give me a ride as far as he was going then when we got to his exit he said that if he could suck my cock he would buy me lunch . I am 60 now and have only been with women since then but I haven't gotten laid in years so I am considering letting a guy suck my cock.
Jim Sex May 17, 2019 at 7:47 pm 3
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I think is probably the same if a woman or a man suck your cock
hermenegildo 2 months ago
Hot. Go for it.
anonymous 1 month ago
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