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The joke turned into reality

The joke turned into reality

We were drinking a lot with two friends at our house, when I suggested we swop wife’s…. Only Jokingly… but my mate was really up for it…. But his wife wasn’t.
My wife wasn’t sure…but I persuaded her to go ahead with it.
So he took my wife to our spare bedroom.
I kissed his wife, but when I tried to take it further she said no.
I tried again, but got nowhere …. So I said, I am going to tell them that the swop is off.
It had only been about ten minutes since the they had gone into the spare bedroom so I thought nothing would have happened so far.

At the bedroom door… which was slightly open… I couldn’t believe what I saw??
My wife was on the bed, her breasts were exposed and her skirt was pushed up around her waist.
Her pink panties were on the floor.
She was naked from the waist down.
My mate was between her legs, his trousers were around his ankles.
His bare arse was bobbing up and down as he thrusted into my wife’s pussy.
Stunned, but also excited… I couldn’t stop my cock from going so hard seeing him fucking her.
I rushed to the bathroom and had the most fantastic jerk off after what I had just seen.
I then went back to his wife and told her it was too late to stop them.
We both waited in silence until I heard the toilet flush… my wife was obviously cleaning herself up after he had finished having her.
She was on birth control at the time.

When they came back into the lounge, his wife stormed out and he followed… we never went out with them again!
My wife and I have never really discussed this, but I was disappointed how quickly she had let him get between her thighs.
Before me she had a lot of one night stands.

What do you think… was she too eager to get down to it, or was it like old time’s for her.
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Yes, she was kind of fast....sadly you did not fuck the old were you at that time?
hermenegildo 1 month ago
How old- 39
anonymous 1 month ago
I was kind of you not interrumpting the fucking of your wife and let the guy cum inside her pussy. Did you have children at the time, or afterwards?
bob 1 month ago
After you got married.....did your have sex with other guys?
greg 1 month ago
Did you ask your wife if she enjoyed your friends dick?
jim 3 weeks ago
I just do not understand that why you did not fuck your wife immediately after your friend. With your erected dick. At least, I would have done this. And the other wife would have remained without any comfort.
Steven 3 weeks ago
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