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I was adopted when I was around 6 years old black dad my biological white mom.
My dad is cool knowledge smart great taste in music knows just about every type of music. Just about everyone who know him likes him. 45 years in the US Army three college degrees. Respectable.
Know my dad I know he likes curvy voluptuous ladies not chubby maybe a little thick but not bbw.
After thirteen years my parents divorced. My dad apparently thinks with his dick and is bad with money. My mom cheats while he's out with the army.
Twice a year my dad and his wife visit.
For eight years pops and his would wife. Once a year we would go visit my mom and stop and see my pops and his wife.
For the first couple of years it was a little odd for my wife to adapt to being now part of a large black family.
She was surprised how quickly she was excepted. How quickly my sister got to know and like her.
Pops is extremely charismatic and had a natural charm fun to talk with and a personality that draws you in.
My wife Camille was 25 when she met pops now we are both in our late thirties. Camille is five toot five still has a killer body. Sexy shapely body from head to toe. Voluptuous and slightly thick. Large breast thick butt killer legs curly silverish black hair. Cute round face long hair. As well smart good sense of humor funny good personality fun to be around open and safe to be around responsible but fun.
On February 25th we headed down to KCMO to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday with him.
Looks like he is in his 40s. Still cuts a rug and gets down. His wife was a little ill but nothing bad. This left just me and my wife and pops. Had bbq bbq and bbq for food that first night out.
We hit a few jazz bars blus clubs and as it got later a nightclub.
Sitting at the bar it's face looking like piano keys. My wife in a black dress that shows off her curves and cleavage. A thick black mid back cape that looks sophisticated and classy high heels and black pantyhose with designs on them. She looks stunning. Me and pops are both in 1930s zuit suits. It's a fun night. We play some pool dance at each spot we visit rub elbows with people some we knew.
Pops wife being ill I let him dance with my wife most of the night. I was being social visiting with people and family I had not seen in years.
Later in the night at our last spot before the club closed. I had noticed pops getting his hands in some seductive and sexual places on my wife. I noticed as well she was fondling him as well grinding and dancing provocatively on my dad. On our drive home I asked Camille about the last couple of dances. Saying I caught her grabbing on pops and pops touching on her. At first she was a little defensive. We smoked a joint Camille chilled out and opened up.
I could smell her pussy she was wet.
I can't help it I'm and always have been attracted to older intelligent powerful men. I can't help it I'm sexually attracted to your dad and I want to have sex with him. I was not expecting all of that but I kind of figured.
For years pops would check out Camille nothing disrespectful but he would look her up and down. I would find them sitting having deep conversations. Camille wrapped up in them slightly bitting her lip a Slight blushing.
I would catch her watch him. Or pops looking at her.
There was nothing there but there was a curiosity and beginning of some tensions.
Also after every visit pops made or we made to them. Camille sex drive was off the charts. Multiple times a day we even snuck in quickies while our son had friends over.
That night in our motel room I told her let it out.
I tied her up blindfolded her. We fucked the whole time she is saying.
I want to fuck your dad I want to feel him inside of me. I want him to take me and own me all night.
I let it go the next morning she tried to apologize but I told her it was kind of a turn on.
March first I get a call pops my dad's wife passed away.
We take two weeks pto and we are instantly headed back to KCMO. It's a odd feeling with out her. First couple of days there was a lot of family around. But at nights I would catch them up talking. That went on for several nights. One night I woke up and I was alone in in the living room asleep on the couch I headed to our room. Camille was not there either.
I head out back my dad is smoking a cigar Camille is smoking a joint.
I feel like I interrupt something Stepping out for a cigarette.
The next day went by quickly. We all felt like getting out. We hit a jazz house had some drinks smoked a couple prerolls. Enjoyed the atmosphere. Here my my pops depressed removed withdrawn not as open or friendly understandably.
We take a ride home. I'm sitting up front my dad and wife in the backseat.
103.3 is on the quite storm a romantic slow jams show.
I can hear a few giggles and chuckles soft talking I look up into the mirror.
Camille and pops are sitting a little close. They are having a private conversation softly spoken. I see and read her body language. She is extremely intrested in what ever they are talking about. Her nipples are hard. I can can tell they are digging on each other. There is fursure sexual vibs between them.
We get home head out back for a smoke. Head in pops makes us a night cap.
I say it right infront of my dad, Camille you bring my dad out of his despair if he needs anything will you help him out.
Our rooms are separated by a long hall. A utility closet a large storage closet and bathroom between the two rooms.
I set up the bed and our guest room for the night.
We get changed for bed. Camille is wear a mid thigh black one piece nighty. Half of it is see through nylon the other half black satin. I ask her go check on dad. She dose about thirty minutes later she comes back. Eyes huge. Slightly blushing a short soft laugh.
I just walk in I caught your dad undressing. Half drunk she says even if I wanted him to fuck me I'm not sure I could handle it.
Owe I say to her. Why is that Camille I ask? He your dad is huge she said with a blush. As thick as my wrist limp and it hangs several inches over his nuts she said.
I mean your above average and you really know how to use it. But your pops is way above average.
We light up a joint. I have a look on my face.
Are you upset? Camille asked?
No I answered just thinking.
It looks painful she says.
I'm trying to decide between what would be pleasurable and responsible.
Oh she says go with what feels good.
I I pull out her thigh highs and a pair of her sexy panties. Put these on I tell her. She is looking at me curiously but indeed puts on her thigh highs and sexy little boy shorts. They look increasingly sexy with her nighty and she herself looks like a tempting ball of lust.
She is starting to go from I want it to I need it.
Hey baby I'm asleep wink wink go check on day.
She freezes owe wow really she asks.
There is a little attitude in how she says it.
Did I overstep my boundary I ask her.
No not really but I'm not sure how to feel about this. I don't want you getting jealous or angry or feeling some type of way about this. I tell her my pops has been distort emotionally fucked up. Riding a wave between fine to fucked. That the only time in five days he has been remotely okay is when he is being a little dicey or flirtatious with her.
Reluctantly she builds up nerve we smoke a preroll. The whole time she is asking if I'm truely okay with this. I tell yes its starting to get annoying being asked every couple of seconds.
She goes in the bathroom. Comes out with smokey eye shadow on a black and purple. Putting on a dark reddish plum lipstick that matches her toe and finger nails.
She is naturally pail very much so glow in the dark white.
She puts her hair up in a messy nest that hangs down to her shoulders. She tells pops informed her when she dose that to her hair it drives him wild.
She has kind of a slutty gothic look going mixed with her seductive body language. Sultry seductive lustful aroused her tight milf body large breasts sexy killer legs wide hips thick ass on full display.
She hooks and loops a pair of high heels. Open toe purple and black high heels. I find them sexy on her. A three inch heel. Two leather straps covered in metallic deep purple with polished black . From her toenails back they have a clam shell shepe open around the ankle and two straps. I make this important because while I'm a breast man I'm also a leg and ass man. These high heels pop her leg muscles more then double how sexy her legs already are. But and I learned this is actually psychology drilled into men. These shoes give her a ready for sex look. Vibrant looking ten years younger voluptuous shapely milf body thick in all the right. Not even a cubby stomach slight pudgy with stretch marks. 40DD breasts still firm and perky nipples thick as a finger tip kind of short half dollar sized areola slightly darker then the nipple. A sexy pair bump with trimmed short black pubic hair. Wide hips you can see afew light blue veins under her pale skin same with her breasts. I can tell she is nervous.
I don't even know what to say she says to me.
Fuck good point.
I instantly think of a cute but believable lie almost getting a grinch grin.
Tell him I took a advil pm. Since I was a kid they were like a tranquilizer to me I eat one I'm out within 15 minutes deep sleep. Tell him I was talking dirty you came out of the bathroom and I was passed out.
I told you to check on him before passed out.
Owe good one she said with a coy smile. She said I love you before she open the door slipped out left for down the hall.
I hear a few steps taken in her high heels.
She is in his room for owe I don't know 15 or twenty minutes. She comes back in our room. Sorry fake sleep.
She very quietly directs me into my natural sleep position. Mouth cracked a little drooling hand tucked up under my pillow one between my knees.
She snapped a few pics. He wanted proof your out. I pulled up my phone . Her panties are gone and off. I can see how wet she is. She turns off the light turns on my night table lamp.
I watch her ass cheeks bouncing a swish in her hips. I hear her walking away the sound of her high heels and my pops door shut.
I can only imagine picture in my mind what is going on in there. I know her underwear is off and gone. The little pink folds of her pussy are swollen sticky and nearly dripping wet. Her bald pale pussy lips are plump swollen her clit looks like a little pink bean. Her nipples are hard she is more excited then nervous leaving the room.
I hear some light music playing R&B I look out of my door the lights are dimmed not off. I see a couple shadows move under the door. Hers and his. I close the door and sit back on the bed.
I'm flood with nervous excited a rush of curiosity hard as a rock.
My wife Camille is alone with my dad in a sexually compromising position.
I know some dirty as fuck is going on but what I have no clue.
My mind is playing like a movie picturing what could be going on.
I keep checking my phone looking at the pics I took of her.
Thick full athletic thighs tight and from a side effect of her high heels. Shapely tightly bulging calf muscles tight shines sexy small feet. Full firm tits rock hard. A few light marks on her neck kisses and nibbles.
It been thirty minutes what no sex sounds.
I open the door I creep tip toe down the hall by his door is the storage closet.
Boom I'm in there large storage closet what do I see.
One of my pops now dead wife stethoscopes in case I miss spell that. The thing in the doctor office they use to listen to your heart and lungs.
Light blue uncomfortable clearish white ear pieces. I put it on put my shirt yo the listing piece that would go on the wall not to make a sound. I took a seat on some milk crates. I started my spying ease dropping.
I hear his deep soft spoken bass filled voice. I occasionally hear a soft moan but most I hear Camille dusky melodic voice talking with him.
I hear or can make out afew shapes or spanks more light soft moaning. More talking a few short soft laughs. It's more of the same I check my phone I've been listening for thirty minutes.
I can tell my pops is talking and asking questions I can hear her answering and talking with him. But I can barley make out two words in a sentence.
I hear some more smacking on the ass and some soft dusky seductive moaning. More consistent sounds of lust.
More laughing and some slightly heavier moans.
Nearly an hour of listening.
More talk from my pops. This time Camille is more or less begging. I van make out a lot of yes yes yes from her or owe god yes fuck yes from her she is being more enthusiastic and speaking more excited.
I hear a little bit more out of her.
I want you to train me tonight daddy she says to him.
I'm ready for your black cock.
I hear him say something they chuckle and laugh.
Okay I can do that I guess but I don't like that word at all.
I make out pops say, say it you funky bitch.
I want to swallow your fat **** dick.
Is that race play she asked. I could hear and make out a bit of him explaining it to her. Camille would let out a sound or a laugh I would hear a oh okay.
I hear a little more from her.
Shove your fat **** cock down my little white married whore throat daddy. I want my father in laws black **** dick to fill me with baby batter. Train me to suck and fuck that black horse cock teach me to be a queen of spades. My white pussy needs that **** dick deep inside of me.
Are you on birth control I heard him say clearly. I found a spot in the wall with absolutely no insulation and was paper thin.
No but super hopeful I brought a morning after pill Camille said. Do you want to swallow or risk it with the pill. I mean I know it works but I don't want to put you out or make you risk it, I hear my pops say. I'm okay with it she says either way. How do you prefer it is all I'm asking pops say. Do you like the feeling of cum in your pussy or do you like the taste of cum.
Cum inside of me she says. Okay then pops says.
But I will do your race play if you give into my impregnation fetish. I want you to explicitly tell me your going to breed me impregnate me how your going to cum in my unprotected pussy just to get me pregnant.
Since my reversible vasectomy she has made me start doing the say. Dirty talking me knocking her up.
I hear more swats and clapping of his hand on her ass. Pouting soft moans. Fuck I can hear there long deep sloppy kissing. I can hear the bed and them moving around on it.
I don't hear anything for a while. Then I hear her high heels on the wooden floor.
Foolish as I am I crack the door and get down on all fours. There is kinda a big gap between the floor and door.
I see his feet and her feet. She took the high heels off. Her nighty and panties on the floor.
She is still hearing her thigh highs.
Her feet are moving oddly toes balled up.
I go back in the storage room. Occasionally hear a few kisses a soft moan or two. A swat on the butt another moan. Some dirty talk.
Huh moaning out dad I love it when you kiss and suck on my neck. Yes daddy take my white body I need to suck your **** dick. I need to taste my first black mans cum. Teach me to be a good white whore please.
Touch me with you strong firm hands daddy. Take my little white body.
Want to be my white slave don't you Camille. Yes dad I do I want to do everything for you.
Do I own you? Yes dad you do Camille said.
Do you want me to fill your Fertile white womb with my potent **** sperm. Ohh moaned out oh my God yes I do. Do you want me to breed you like a little white snowbunny. Yes please please knock me up with your huge **** dick.
You want to carry your black father in laws black baby in your womb snowbunny. Yes daddy yes impregnate your little white daughter in law with that big **** dick.
Tell me again I want to hear why you want to fuck me.
I hear my wife Camille 1 I'm attracted to intelligent charismatic men if I can't have a conversation with you I'm not fucking you. You pops talked your way deep inside my pink pussy. 2 I find older men in a position of power erotic. I find it sexy knowing how commanding bold experienced strong and dominating power can be. Will you show me how dominating you can be daddy. 3 I've never been with a black man before and I've thought about fucking you for years she said. I want my father in laws big black **** dick to be my first experience she said.
Do you want to fuck me dad? Camille asked in a very seductive tone.
Do you want to take my body with your **** dick.
Again I could her them sloppy kissing her huffing out little moans and puffing out sharp hushed pouty cries.
You could hear a lot of intensive movements and motion. Then a long simi loud spree of Camille moaning out. Hearing an owe god or a ah fuck yes yes don't stop.
Hearing some deep humming from my pops. Whatever it was just kept happening a lot of soft seductive moans mixed with a few simi loud moans and some soft dirty talk.
I hear owe my god yes eat my pussy daddy .
I barely hear my pops slurping louder then he was before.
More moaning more sounds from the bed more movements.
I hear a loud popping of lips and some rapid soft movements. I hear Camille let out a few kind of loud humming mmm moans her mouth sounding gagged. I hear a loud long slurp a deep breath with a huh sound. Fuck your big she said. Then I can hardly make anything out. I hear some sound out of my dad more kinda humming moans.
Good girl pump it with your hands. Owe my god yes thank you he said. Ah get it get it damn white girl get that **** dick boo.
I hear her take a few gasping breaths huh I love how your big thick **** dick taste in my mouth. Can I eat your ass daddy. Not yet baby girl I like how you get my dick down your throat.
I want you to cum in my mouth daddy she said. I hear a sloppy mushy sound. Some half gagging sounds with her humming moan. I hear the bed a lot more a hear a few sounds out of dad. Now pops gets slightly louder making sounds. Then I hear him say that's right baby girl eat my kids swallow my nut.
I hear some moving around almost sounds like wrestling then I hear some more swatting claps. A few spanking slaps on her thick ass.
I hear more steady simi loud moaning getting a little louder. It kinda just kept going.
After a while I hear I can't take it any more I want thar **** dick daddy.
Want or need it pops said. Owe daddy i need it give me that **** dick. Take my white pussy daddy.
Are you my snowbunny yes daddy yes are you a queen of spades? he asked.
Yes im a sex slave for black men my body is made for **** dick reputations my womb is made for black babies Camille frantically moaned out.
I hear some movements on the bed. I'm picturing my six foot tall ruggedly stoic handsome adopted black father still in good shape holding my wife's legs open and positioning himself between her legs.
I hear him say god damn your pussy is wet.
I'm ready for your big black cock fuck your queen of spades daughter in law daddy with your **** dick.
Boy I almost cum in my pj pants.
I hear some slow steady bed sounds. I hear them kisses.
Then I hear a long soft seductively lustful oohhhhhhhhh and a deep hhuhhhhhhhhh.
Then that's all I hear is huh huh huh huh. It's her husky deep lustful huffing moan. Repeatedly moaning out all in the same tone some held a little long some of them short and rapid.
Then came a loud not even tried to be hush aaaawwwweeeeeeehhhhhhhh. Ooooooowwwweeeeeeee. Several of those sounds pour through the wall into the stethoscope and into my ears.
He tries to keep her quiet. I hear loud mmhhnm and sloppy kissing.
Chewing with your mouth open sloppy tongue picking teeth sounds with the humming of pops and the mmmhhmm from Camille.
Silence for a smooth second then a uuuuhhhh hhhhuuuhhhhh ooowweee god your big she said in a puffing panting breath.
I hear a little more deep kisses and soft moans and humming.
God damn your tight he said humming and making a few bass filled sounds.
I could hear them moving.
I can hear the bed hitting the wall and the mattress. But most of all I'm hearing a mix of all three of her moans. Camille oowee her uh huh her awe ah with a few rare hhahhahha and her mmhhnn oowwe.
I go back to our room just as sneaky as I was heading into the closet.
Sitting back in the bed I can hear a tump fump tump fump. I barely hear an occasional mmm from pops but I can definitely softly lightly hear. Hhuhh hhuhh hhuhh hhuhh hhuhh hhuhh rapidly with a long held hhhhhhhuuuuuuhhhhhhhh uuhhh uuhhh uuhhh ooowwweee oohhhh hhuuhh. Fuck fuck fuck owe my god fuck there is a hushed quite just the bed sounds and the fump tump of the wall. I hear a few moaned out yes.
Some stuff I can't make out from Camille.
Fump tump bump he picks up the speed. Rrrnnaann nnn nnn rrraannn the sounds of the bed and the sounds from the wall.
I can't help myself I sneak and creep back to the storage closet. Put the stethoscope back in its not really needed at this point.
I stealth it with my shirt.
I'm listening in again.
Oh oh oh mmmhhmm uhhhhh yes daddy yes. I love how your **** dick feels inside of me. Owwee my God yes baby yes keep giving it to me. My pussy feels so full daddy.
Your so deep inside of me I feel everything.
More moaning.
Beautiful white tits sexy white body baby making hips I hear his lips kissing sometimes. Sexy fucking legs. Deep milf pussy yes child give me that pussy.
Owe daddy it's yours keep fucking me.
How Fertile are you he asked? At the moment extremely she said through moans. I'm at my most Fertile time of the month she said through deeper moans.
I hear him slightly speed up then go to long deep power and back to quick long deep strokes.
I hear her louder frantically rapid moaning.
I'm going to empty my cum in your Fertile womb he said humming as he talked.
Owwee a passionate lustful moan poured out.
I want your baby daddy please cum in me. I want your black baby daddy. I want my father in laws big **** dick to impregnate me.
Yes baby girl uhhhh yes humming pops said.
I could hear slower deep power thrusts. Her moaning is so hot and seductive.
I'm going to give you my cum. I want you to get pregnant and carry my baby.
Let me breed you Camille I want to give you a mixed baby. Tell me to breed you.
Oh daddy breed me give me your seed I want to have a mixed baby with you. Knock me up with your **** dick. Breed me owe owe I need black breeding fill my fertile womb with cum.
Uhh Uhhh mmmmmm mm uhuh uhuh mmmm. He gets loud. Oooowwweee mmmhhhmmm mmmhhmm oowwee uuuhhhhhh uuuhhhh uuhhhh. They both get loud they both moaning out. I immediately creep and sneak back into our room.
I find her travel case. There it is the expensively not as costly as 18 years pill. Small White box with another box inside of it. A capsule that is white the morning after pill. I look at it ot almost looks like a white pezz candy. Or close to a hydrocodo. I go into the main bathroom find one of my dad's wife hydrocodo. Replacing the pill in the box inside of another box. Pack it back inside of her travel case.
I hear their mixed louder then they had been moan getting quite again. I sneak back into our bed hard as a rock.
I know that there is a pretty good chance my dad will now that he has emptied his nuts and filled my wife Fertile pussy with cum will indeed get Camille pregnant.
Fifteen twenty minutes later here she comes into the room. Her hair slightly messy her tits having red hand prints on them nipples dark red eye makeup smeared and had ran with some tears. Red hand prints on her ass.
She whisper out he is still asleep. Camille disappeared back down the hall. I hear them kissing. I needed that pops said his door shutting.
About half an hour goes by I'm expecting Camille back.
I get up go to the toilet drop her morning after down the toilet wrapped in a piece of tp.
I open the door I hear fump tump again.
Noo I think to myself. Again I sneak and creep to the storage closet.
Stethoscope back in and listened in on them.
Plenty of her moaning and bed sounds. Completely focused on impregnation talk.
It's five in the morning more then half the night in his room.
Her pussy is raw and stretched her tits had been slapped accrosd lipstick smeared off nighty heels in her hand. Hair nappy and ratted. Eyeshadow gone or ran down her cheeks. Red hand prints on her ass. She goes straight to her travel case. Gets out her morning after pill. Downs it with a bottle of water. Camille lays down next to me. Clear milky cloudy sperm leaking down her pussy and legs. A thick pearl white wad a not moving ball of thick sperm stuffed deep inside of her.
I make her cross and fold her legs keeping the sperm in her.
It doesn't matter she whispered I took a morning after pill.
Just do it for my fantasy I said to her.
Owe okay Camille said. Laying on her back she says . You want me to have your dad's black baby don't you hubby.
Want to be a cuckold with a queen of spades black bred wife.
I'm hard as fuck.
I pop inside of my wife fucking her quietly. Lasting ten minutes.
She was so loose sloppy sticky slippery I could barely even feel her pussy on my dick.
I came in her my hand over her mouth the whole time.
I opened her pussy. My watery cum ran right out of her. The rest of the cum that legitimately filled her pussy was gone.
The next day both of my sisters showed up 9 kids between them. It was a long busy day.
My sister's and there kids took my dad's room and the guest room we were using.
We set up an air mattress on the living room floor my dad took the couch. I pretend to fall asleep to the movie that was on. Close to the end of the movie Camille got up. I hear them talking not for long.
I watched in the large oval mirror above the fire place. My wife down in my dad's lap sucking his dick until he was hard. Pulling her panties to the side riding his dick. She swallowed his cum and came back to bed.
The next day I learned my dad recorded there first night of sex.
My sister's kids not having clothes for a funeral my dad took them shopping.
I took my tablet found his camera copied and downloaded the content from his Sim card.
I watched bits and pieces.
This is the most intimate passionate lustful dominating sex I've ever seen. Owning and possessing a woman convincing them that they want ever he want convincing them to give in to get in. This is the most dirty thing I've ever seen.
My wife gave ever hole in every position and begged for it. She had cum more then I had ever seen.
I volunteered to drive my sister to the airport and sit with her and her family until borded. I'm gone for three hours. I get back the house reeks of sex. I help her pack our stuff decided to leave that next morning.
I pulled her morning after pill box's out of the trash. Tricked her again with a hydrocodo showing her the package and pill.
One in the morning I send Camille down the hall to check on my pops.
This time I don't ease drop or anything. I hear what I can but don't try and over hear at all.
I am happy dick in my hand or smoking a preroll. Knowing my wife is getting sever multiple loads of cum stuffed inside of her Fertile unprotected pussy.
We packed up and hit the road after breakfast.
The whole way back I get the play by play from talk to foreplay to the sex it's self.
She says she is now a little more curious about interracial cuckold sex but nothing crazy.

This is a fantasy what popped in my head as I slept and dreamed
My step mom did pass away.
And there is a little sexual tension between my wife and dad he is black and I was adopted by him
My wife our first night back during sex did whisper in my ear multiple times she wants to fuck my dad and take his black cock..
Not sure how to feel about that bit if it happens it happens.

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