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42 Latino male bull with a cuck couple. My cucks are older shes 55 hes 60 both in shape she is a blonde with a appetite for sex and u mean a lot of sex hes a soft cuck who sits back and will prep her with his mouth once im near he will begin to use his mouth and suck me hard while i finger her hungry pussy and ass once im hard and ready ill pull her by the hair and they both feast on my cock we push the cuck away and i mount her i shove my dick deep in her balls deep 30 minute fuck i blow a big hot load of jizz in her pussy i stay hard using my cum for lube till she starts to cum then we bring him to clean his mouth is open and i ram my cum covered cock into his mouth then i pull out and he licks her clean as his mouth and tounge mop up are mess i press my cock into her ass its tight round and firm she is on all fours and i pop in as i slip deep in i move faster and harder she reaches down between her legs and rubs her clit moaning as i ram her asshole hard im building up my second load and i pull slighty out i swell up and let it bust my cum is dripping from her gapped ass and are cuck slios his tounge in she pushes my seed frim her ass and hes cleaning i move to her mouth and feed her my cock she gags and slobber i force it down her throat a few seconds yhen pull out i motion the cuck to come help her work my 3rd load they each take a side and i watch them my 3rd load is coming and i pull there heaeds together and shoot there hungry lips and tounges lick and slurp as i release my cum they take turns with my thick white cream as it flows begging for more
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So hot x
Natalie 1 month ago
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