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Sniffing Flight Attendant Panties

Sniffing Flight Attendant Panties

When I was 18 years old I worked at a large luxury hotel in the Rocky Mountain region in a large city my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. It was the hotel that flight crews stayed at overnight. I was a Bell Person there helping with luggage and other assorted things guests needed. There was a young, mid-20's gorgeous Flight Attendant who would fly in on a Saturday, stay the night and fly out Sunday every week. She was part of a crew. Blonde, petite, and very busty! She would leave a suitcase with me every Sunday morning with her clothes and laundry and pick it up the next week. She would instruct me to send it to the hotel laundry as it was 'dirty'. Then she would catch the crew shuttle to the airport. The second or third time I could not help myself, and being the only Bell Person on duty, and it being a slow Sunday morning, I decided to check out her luggage. We had a small room with a chair and desk and we could store luggage in there. I locked the door and opened her suitcase. The aroma of her perfume came out and there before me were the most sexy, hot soiled panties ever! I could see her girl juices staining the crotch. I got immediately hard! I picked up the lacy eggshell colored panties and put them to my nose. Her perfume and pussy juices were so succulent! I sniffed and sniffed and then licked and tasted her! I got so fucking hard I unzipped my pants and pulled my raging 18 year old boner out and started masturbating furiously with her panties held to my nose and mouth! I blew a huge load all over the desk we had! I put her panties back and had the laundry pick them up.

However, after a couple weeks of doing this, it wasn't enough, I mentioned she was also busty and I found her lacey little bras and half-cup bralets in her suitcase too! I often wondered why her nipples were poking through her uniform but I could see a bra strap line through her uniform too. Now I knew! Her nice titties were just put on display held in place by this bralet! So since she was getting all her laundry cleaned anyway, I started taking her suitcase home with me Sundays when I got off work. At home in my basement bedroom of my parents house, I would lay out all her delicates and hold different panties to my nose and mouth . Sniff and lick and masturbate on the rest of her bras and panties! Since they were getting cleaned I figured why not jack off on them and blow my load!

This went on for nearly a year. I had this gorgeous blonde flight attendant PAYING me for the opportunity to sniff and taste her and masturbate! Every time she walked in the door Saturdays I would get a huge boner! I would happily get all her 'cleaned laundry' packed every so nice in her suitcase for her. She would hand me her "dirty suitcase" and I would be set for a week of private fun!

Alas, she got put on another schedule. She told me before so I did take one pair of her soiled, dirty, pungent panties with her girl smell as a souvenier. I figured she would blame the hotel laundry if she missed them!
John Fetish October 27, 2020 at 8:22 am 0
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Did you bring her luggage to the room? That was the time to make a risky move....
bob 1 month ago
Hot. I bet you sometimes you were sniffing semen because she must have had sex with the pilots or other flight crew at the hotel, the airport, or with some lucky stud in the bathroom stall of a pub.
Will 4 weeks ago
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