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Should I confess to him

Should I confess to him

So i have a very close friend who's gay, we've known each other for over 4 years and he came out to me In the first year and I didn't mind it cause I've always supported LGBT

Every once in a while when I change my hairstyle or decided to wear reading glasses he'd tell me that I look hot and joke about me being hi type and I'd just laugh and don't take it seriously
I've had in the past a one night with a guy were I was the bottom and he topped me but that because I was just curious and didn't take it seriously

But lately I've been into cross dressing and slowly been attracted to males more and suddenly i started to have a crush on him, i started talking to him everyday hoping I'd be brave to come out to him and also to tell him that i have a crush on him but I can't and right now I'm torn between telling him and risk it or just play safe and not tell him
anonymous Crush May 12, 2021 at 7:27 am 0
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He already knows.
Just do some light flirting. Be persistent. You'll be cuddling in his arms in no time! He already wants you!
Or alternatively you could just express "curiosity". Tell him maybe you want to try it. But only with him because he's the only guy you ever found attractive.
I just this week came out to my girlfriend of 20 years. I was so scared. I imagined 1000 different scenarios of how it might turn out, all of the awful.
When I finally told her, she said, "I already knew that a long time. You do whatever makes you happy." I think I love more than ever.

You're just a few short sentences away from your bliss, I'm sure.

Mike aka Shiina 1 month ago
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