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I work in a office along side with my boss shes 60 im 45 her and the husband own this little delivery shop. I watch over the drivers and ther paperwork so my hours are 3 am to usually 2 pm . I live local and occasionally ride my bike this morning i rode in wich i wear my bike shorts and. I do cover up well this morning i rode in and thought id be alone so i lock up my bike and head to the office to start up the computer. My shorts are for bike riding and yes if im standing my bulge is exposed i always change into my work pants and go about my day this morning she was there i didn't expect her there as i walked in and was caught off gaurd. The show began good morning she said as i stood there in my bike attire i quickly pulled down my shirt and gave her a good morning. Her eyes looked me up and down. I walked to the room changed and came back. She had a look on her face wich i explained i rode my bike in and thats what i wear sorry if i offended you. She smiled and replied not to worry. As the day went on she asked a few questions on how often i came in like that i wear them every time i ride my bike. A few weeks pass i drove in and she asked where is my bike i replied i drive so there wouldn't be any problems she stood up in some tight leggings and asked if i thought she looked good in them they where black very tight see through. My eyes looked up and down and i said yes very nice. Will you ride your bike in again for me. Wich i did the next morning.i made sure i tucked my pride and it showed very i opened the door she swung her chair around and called me to her. She stayed seated and reached for my package.her hands gave it a run over then pulled them down my package quickly erected and she began to stroke i pulled her blouse up and fondle her breast. We have a little time as she took me into her mouth amazing oral skills i pulled her up and kissed her i worked her leggings off and worked my fingers into her wet kitty then i slipped into her giving her my morning load we meet as often as possible and even at my place for are secret affair
Lucky Work May 12, 2022 at 1:48 pm 0
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Is she in good shape for 60?
bob 2 weeks ago
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