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No repeat Threepeat

No repeat Threepeat

A guy recently asked me to bring something from my past out of the closet.
I once had what I call a no repeat threepeat. In my in college I went out on a date on Friday night to dance. We ended up at his place after closing up the place and I slept over. On Saturday I had Dinner with another guy and we went back to my apartment and we had sex but he didn’t spend the night. On Sunday I had a golf date with another guy and after 18 holes and a stop at the 19th hole we went to his place and had sex. So I had three different guys in three days and never told a single living person about it until just now. It was my slut secret that only I knew about.
Barb Sex June 03, 2021 at 11:38 am 0
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Dear Ms. S,
I like that you were willing to share your post and your sexually adventure, you are more adventurous then I thought, atta girl!

Why when guys do this they are players and when women do this they are sluts. I will and have defended women on this subject numerous times! I assume you were not married, you didn’t hurt anyone and you enjoyed yourself. Although by your words “no repeat” I since you had some remorse?

I am not trying to psychoanalysis you by any means and this is more out of curiosity then anything. If you had to answer the following question in a split second how would you answer it….

On Monday after having sex with three guys my emotions were…
1) Damn that was a great fricking weekend, I love having sex.
2) I can’t believe what just happened I am still in a daze.
3) WTF, what did I just do, damn my pussy is sore, I need more practice.
4) Good experience but that will never happen again.
5) I better wash my lady parts one more time?
6) Hi, My name Barb and I am a sexaholic?
7) I would rather fuck one guy on Fresh Confessions three consecutive days in a row, then fuck three different guys three consecutive days in a row?
You may choose more than one answer unfortunately, none of the above is not a selection.

Great story…I knew you had something in your closet!
Hunter 2 months ago
Number 4 for sure. Followed by #1 and # 2. Who was your first partner and what ages??
Barb 2 months ago
Remember this
Along with the others @
Have a great weekend my sweet sexy man.
Barb 2 months ago
I will respond over the weekend……I am currently tied up trying to write a song….. It’s about a girl from Arizona, The title of the song is “I think I broke her Pussy”yea it’s a very touching, love song!
Hunter 2 months ago
What do you look like Barb? You are probably attractive to have the guys you want....
bob 2 months ago
I am average looking I guess. Not a super model type but I have lost 11 pounds in a little over two weeks so I am not as fat as I used to be. (Pandemic Weight Gain) I have shoulder length light brown hair and I am average in most regards. I am not the sex kitten you are probably thinking about
Barb 2 months ago
Hi Ms. Barb,
I reread your post, I think we can establish that your lady parts can be a daily renewable resource and there are no limits how many times you can use it, it always goes back in place in short period of time.

Your 4, 1,2 is pretty close to how I thought you would reply. But I was disappointed that No 7 didn’t even get an honorable mention or even a laugh:-( Don’t worry I have thick skin.

Did you golf today if so what did you shoot?

On to your question…who was my first partner and what ages? Well from about 6-18 it was mostly my right hand and occasional foreplay and hand jobs from Jr. High and High school crushes. The big I lost my virginity and my partners….we were both 18 years old, and working at a Ford Motor company on night shift I was 18 years old in February so I actually was in high school and worked a ten hour shift at night. This didn’t give much of a social life, there were 500 to 1 females working at the plant so my odds were beyond slim! But as you may have picked up a I am far from a quitter! We befriended each other and started chatting, it was hard to tell if she was interested literally dudes were hitting on her constantly and of course they were older. So heres the shocker she asked me out first,
to take her to a wedding. She had a pretty face, slim waist and a big bank. 36, 22, 38, we dated for about 9 months and if I recall it was about 6 weeks until we final had sex. I was really into her, the draw back was she had some bi-polar issues when she was on her period mean as hell! She was throwing a party the next day and was happy to finally show me off to her friends…..but I could not take her BS and didn’t show up she knew why, I was pissed as hell,

I didn’t call her or show up at her work station for over three days, I was so hurt, Finally she called me and asked what happen and why didn’t I show up to her party she was so embarrassed? I told her that I will never be disrespected or talk to by her or anyone else they way she talked to me, that I don’t treat people like that especially the ones that I love. We patched it up for a short time she did it again and I walked! The positive side, we fucked like rabbits I would classify her as nymph she couldn’t get enough! She will always have a special place in my hurt and I would hope that I would have one on hers.

That’s my story…..
Hunter 2 months ago
You know Hunter number 7 did make me smile and is so very true at this stage of my life. I am sorry your first didn’t work out. Most don’t as I have found with myself and friends. I will reveal more about my past at a later date. No golf today. It is about 107 today. If you don’t get an early tee time you get fried on the back 9.
Barb 2 months ago
I just had a guy call me and ask if I would like to go out tonight. It is almost 5PM and he wants to go out at 7PM. I mean he must think I am desperate for a date!!! Have you ever done that to a girl???
Barb 2 months ago
Depends on the relationship…..a casual friend that you been chatting to and I would feel comfortable asking…hey what you up to would you like to catch a drink, I wouldn’t pitch two hours I would have asked if nine would work. A person that is more of a first meet at would at least give her a day or two in advance to project a more formal date, this also builds up some anticipation.

I would also let her know the dress attire if I was taking her to a fancy dinner or if I thought she would enjoy a more relaxed date and take her on my Harley and go biker bar hoping, so she should wear biker attire jeans, crop top……and oh yea can’t forget the leather collar (optional).

If I was asking you I would pick the fancy dinner…and tell you to wear a hot sexy lingerie under a dress and I wouldn’t be shy about it.

Did you go on the date?
Hunter 2 months ago
No I didn’t go out with him. I know the guy but we have never been out together. He is just a guy that I see at parties and at the country club. No relationship at all really.
Biker Bar hopping sounds like fun. I have never done that. I did go to a costume party as a biker chick in college.
Barb 2 months ago
My Dear Hunter
They did post it!!!! Just let me know if it resonates with you.
Barb 2 months ago
I thought you would pick the fancy dinner over the bike…. Nice to see that you are flexible and willing to experience things out of your comfort zone.
Hunter 2 months ago
I am pretty adventurous but draw the line at times for a host of reasons. I am not high maintenance or high cost. I can enjoy a burger as much as Lobster if it is with the right people. Read that last line as —- You don’t need to spend a fortune on this girl to get her attention.
Barb 2 months ago
If its any consolation I am rich….in having fun and a good time, and living life to its fullest! I can assure you when my day comes I will be sliding in to home plate saying damn that was a great run!

Hunter 2 months ago
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