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Went out with a guy that I knew from the health club. Talk about a mistake!! All he wanted to talk about was sex. Not about wanting it with me but about all the girls he has had since he was 14. He was a real potty mouth as well. No filter at all. He used every four letter word and slang word in the book to describe in detail his conquests. So boring.
To make matters worse he looked at every woman that walked by and commented on something in a most unflattering way. I couldn’t get away fast enough.
Fran Relationships February 07, 2024 at 11:31 am 0
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Chauvinistic pig on parade. Please don't let one loser discourage you. Best wishes
anonymous 2 months ago
One womans opinion about a man is another womans treasure, who gives a shit what you think or what he thinks, atleast he told you and you knew what his intentions were, just to have a fling obviously. I do do get maybe the way he spoke about was not your style, so onto the next one until you find a nicer one then. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU SLEPT WITH is my question now LMAO women hardly answer that one
SOPHIASTALEY 2 months ago
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