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Looking in the mirror this morning—I am totally naked and my hair is wet. I have lost some weight but have more to go to get to my goal. I shaved my legs last night and everything else is ok from my recent waxing. I am really getting tan lines. Need to do something with my finger nails they look like I haven’t had a manicure in months. My legs look better with some of the fat gone off my thighs. My ass is still to big but it isn’t hanging down on my legs. My boobs are still defying gravity but who knows for how much longer. The old belly is looking better. All those crunches and cardio are helping. If I am honest today I am a 6 maybe 5.5 but it is getting better. Wonder when someone will notice and ask me out. Being a single woman is so much about appearances
Barb Body June 08, 2021 at 10:28 am 0
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Check your email maybe someone surprised you today!
Htr 2 months ago
Wish I was your mirror!
Htr. 2 months ago
There are things other that appearence. If you socialize, you get to know people that like you for who you are and the next step is dating.....
hermenegildo 2 months ago
I did and you should know it. The first step is so very scary for me.
Barb 2 months ago
I would enjoy meeting you. My name is Walter
Walter 1 month ago
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