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My nasty stinky sister has herpes

My nasty stinky sister has herpes

My sister is coming over tomorrow to help me clean and when I was with her earlier today she kept scratching her crotch, like really getting at the itch, and admitted to having a pretty nasty herpes outbreak that itched very bad and was driving her crazy. She laughed and said that it's probably TMI but she confessed that when she scratches the itch it feel so good it is almost orgasmic.

She was high on weed and meth when she said that but she has told me many times that she has a fetish for bareback sex with strangers or exposing certain guys to herpes and hpv warts. It's gross, depraved, and maybe illegal, but she has a lot of anonymous sex with men she meets online.

She found out that I have a tiny penis that when fully erect is 3 inches and thin so condoms are not an option for me. My penis is barely bigger than my thumb and like most men with micropenis, I have developed a fetish for small penis humiliation (SPH). I get so turned on being teased, mocked, humiliated, and laughed at by girls for having a tiny penis.

I have also spent years training to prematurely ejaculate upon or seconds after vaginal penetration or embarrassing enough situation like being pantsed and held down for two chicks from high school to take pics of them mocking my tiny dick while two other jock girls held me down while the pics were taken that made me ejaculate and embarrass myself even worse for stuff that happened many years ago.

Being sexually humiliated by my sister is a bit weird even for me, but when I purposely left my fly open today and she could get a peak at my tiny dick thru my open zipper bc I don't wear underwear and folded the flap back at the top making it hang open several times throughout the day.

I caught her sneaking glances and even trying to get a better angle to see it, and when I would stand by her sitting on the couch she couldn't stop trying to look at my tiny dick without being too obvious. She never once told me that my zipper was down and she is a slut who has herpes and genital warts, so even if she wasn't my sister it would still be taboo to expose my thumb sized micropenis to her but I liked the way she kept wanting to look but not tell me about my fly being open.

My sister never knocks when she comes over so I am gonna pretend not to see any texts she might send before she comes over in the morning and be on the couch right in front of the door when she walks in tomorrow with my thumb sized boner and full testicle impossible to not see as she comes thru the door. I have been edging all day and am gonna try to cum as she catches me to embarrass myself even more but I am gonna keep going til I cum in front of her if I am anywhere near close bc I want that kind of humiliation to make the tiny penis flash even more embarrassing.

She can't keep a secret and loves to gossip so I know it will get around to some people but that is fine as long as I have to feel embarrassed everytime I see my sister and any friend she tells.

I will post tomorrow if she catches me how it goes, but I am 99% sure I can be hard and cum within seconds of her coming thru the door so I am gonna go to sleep and be ready to expose myself and prematurely ejaculate in front of my slutty sister. I hope it's as humiliating in person as it sounds like it will be in my head.
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