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My lustful son

My lustful son

Hello everyone. My name is Marsha and I'm a 54-year-old widow. Almost two years ago I moved in with my 28-year-old son. I was working at a hospital in front office and as the pandemic was getting worse and the hospital was getting busier, they were looking to reduce non-medical staff and replace us with doctors and nurses. I had 25 years of service and elected to take the generous package they were offering. My house was paid, and I had no debt. My son asked me if I wanted to move in with him to save on expenses. Since I was alone and didn't need the big house, I rented mine and moved in with him. It was a win win. I had some nice income coming in and he had me to help him around the house. It actually was nice to have someone to take care of again.

As the year progressed, we got very close since we didn't go out much and were always together. Eddie wasn't dating, but I noticed he began spending a lot of time alone in his room. When I asked him what he was doing he just shrugged it off. Being the nosey mommy that I am I listened by his door one night and heard him on the phone. He was having phonesex. I knew about it, but never knew anyone that did it. A few days later we were watching TV and I told him that I heard him on the phone and asked him to tell me about it. Tell me what excitement he got from talking to someone on the phone. He explained it was a way for him to play out his fantasies and explore things he never did before. I was very intrigued by this and asked him if he would mind if I listened the next time, he did it. He asked me if I wanted to watch him. I said sure. He arranged to do it that night. He told me to wait about 10 minutes before coming in. What I heard and saw next was both shocking and exciting. My son was on his bed naked, stroking his cock while talking to a woman. He had her on speaker so I could hear both sides of the conversation. She was telling him how much she loved sucking his hard cock while he played with her pussy. He told her how much he loved the taste of her and that he couldn't wait to fuck her.

As they got more into it and began getting very graphic, I found myself getting turned on. I was getting very wet, and my nipples got hard. I eventually got undressed and started playing with my pussy. He told her about me and that I was pleasing myself. Then I heard her say to him.... Eddie, you know you want her. Take her now! I froze and Eddie came over and began licking my nipples and working his way down my belly until he got to my pussy. He kissed and licked me. He began to finger me. I was so turned on and I just blurted out that I wanted his cock. While stroking it he brought it up to my mouth and I was now sucking my own sons hard cock. It felt amazing.

We played with each other until he told me he wanted to fuck me; he's wanted this for a while. I didn't even think about the situation, I just let him fuck me. The girl on the phone hung up and Eddie and I were making love and fucking like longtime lovers. He was talking dirty to me and before I knew it so was I. Telling him to fuck me, fuck me hard., pound my pussy baby.

We wound up fucking for hours and spent the entire night together. It was the first night of the next 1+ years of pure sexual bliss.


Marsha Sex May 23, 2022 at 2:45 pm 0
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Do you consider yourself attractive? Would be Ok if he fucks other women?
hermenegildo 1 month ago
Sounds like pure heaven. Wish I was there to help out and maybe lend my tongue for cleanup.
Joe 1 month ago
Poeg peabki oma ema nikkuda, siis tuleb suur armastus
Marec 2 weeks ago
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