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My Little Secret

My Little Secret

About a year and half ago, I told my husband that I needed to go shopping for some things and asked if he wanted to come. As usual, he stayed home working on the yard and watching TV. I stopped in a store called Aerie as I needed bras and underwear.

I don't usually describe myself on the internet, but being anonymous, why not? I'm 5'2", 110 lbs, longish dirty blond hair, stay in shape, and that day, I was looking for my size of 36B. My mom even said what I didn't get in height, I got in boobs.

Not long into looking at underwear, a young guy looking about 24 years-old came up and started chatting asking if there was anything he could help me find. I told him I was fine, but he persisted asking me what a "pretty thing like me" was doing by myself. I blushed a little realizing this guy probably didn't know I was already 29 and about to turn 30 in a month. The truth was it made me feel a little sexy given that after six years of marriage and two years together before that, my husband doesn't flirt like that with me anymore.

I tried to to continue shopping looking at my usual comfy, white cotton, bikini underwear when he said that wasn't my style and said I needed to be looking lacy, stringy things in pink and purple. He told me that something like that needed a matching bra to make it all look good. I indulged a bit and admit I flirted back smiling and giggling. I asked him how he was so sure what I liked and he whispered that a body like mine needed to feel sexy all the time. I didn't think I looked particularly hot that day putting on one of my many floral-print sundresses that rose about two inches above my knee. We flirted a little more and he asked my thoughts on thongs and I told him I hadn't worn stuff like that in years. Then he finally asked me what I had on under my dress.

Aside from my husband, only one other person had ever seen naked in that way. But he told me to prove him wrong about how hot he seemed to know I was. Maybe it was that I was actually getting turned on by the whole exchange, or that I liked that attention from a hansom, fit guy that was so confident. But he texted me his number, I grabbed whatever shirt to get a dressing room and took off my dress. I took a mirror selfie just in my bra and panties and sent it to him. Fortunately that day I had on a cute peach bra that made my breasts look full and light blue, low-rise silk panties so I didn't look so boring. I tried my best sexy pose and got dressed and left.

I didn't know what I had just done, but suffice it to say it was exhilarating. I just stripped for a complete stranger that said stopped me one last time to ask if we could get together. I told him I was married, which he probably already knew from my ring, but he didn't care.

I got to the car when he texted me the final time asking me for another photo. I figured he had already seen me in lingerie, so I discretely lifted my dress and took a photo of panties and sent it to him. After that, I deleted the photos and entire conversation off my phone. I didn't tell my husband about any of it and haven't done anything like that since. It was nice to feel desired again I guess.
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Does your husband appreciatte those generous boobs?
bob 2 weeks ago
As much as you say you’re over being sneaky like that, it sounds like you’d just beginning to explore that side of yourself. If your got something other than your usual cotton panties, then you’re intrigued and want to do more. Show us what you bought and let’s make sure.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
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