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My Dream of the Hot Micro Biologist

My Dream of the Hot Micro Biologist

My confession is to merely stimulate a previous post by a young lady named Barb. It is not a true story....but one that I could only wish come true! It is along story you may want to pass on this one!

The first meet....
I was at the golf course and notice this very attractive young lady coming off the 18th hole, she was wearing white shorts, and a light blue top I visioned she was wearing a sexy white thong under her shorts. I was heading to the 19th hole to sit at the bar, it was my lucky day she sat next to me. I proceeded to order a John Daily and she ordered a Ben Daily.... I said excuse me but what is a Ben Daily, she replied it it is a lot like a John Daily but more lemon. line and oranges...... I said oh, so Ben is sour and a little bitter, she agreed, with the cutest smile.

She acted very professional, I sensed she was going to make me work for it, cheesy one liners wasn’t going to fly with this attractive young lady.

I told her it was my first time out golfing for me this year, that I had a terrible season last year, the best two balls I hit all season was when I was in a bunker and stepped on a damn rack, it broke the ice. I told her that the only reason I like to golf is so I can spend more time in the woods! Yes, this was a set up, to my surprise she asked if I would like to golf a round with her, we set it up for the next weekend.

Pay day...
I couldn’t ask her to play for money and frankly what is the point of golfing if you don’t have something on the line? She was very confident that she was going to beat me so she suggested sexual favors. Well that’s already a win win for me unless she decides to tie me up and leave me in the woods!

The winner....
Although it came down to the short game I won by one stroke and no I did not play from the ladies tee!

Pay off....
We met at my place it’s not quit like the movie fifty shades of grey but, let’s just say I have a play room. She was comfortable with me and it was very consensual, by all means I didn’t want to scare her away. We decided on a simple safe words, green continue, yellow use caution, red stop further discussion is required.

We started kissing, I undressed her and left her panties on, they were very sexy with lace. She took off my jeans and got on top of me, she slid my cock inside her panties, which I love the feel of panties on my cock, she positioned my cock so the back of it as sliding up and down her very wet slit, she started rubbing her clit harder and harder on my cock, I wasn’t about to let her have an orgasm yet!

I flipped her over and started kissing her,
I sucked on her hard nipples, and then licked her pussy with her panties on, then slow started to take them off brushing the back of my cock along her slit. I took her panties and twisted them in a figure eight and slid one hand in one side and then around the head board and her other hand (yes essential she was wearing panty cuffs). She smiled and said it’s all green! I told she could not move her hands unless she asks, she agreed.

Time for toys....
I pulled out a well endowed dildo, I ran it up and down her wet pussy and only inserted about a quarter of it 3”’and started licking her pussy, I pushed it in her half way and then kissed her so she can taste her own juices and taste some pussy. I started licking her again, and was
fucking her with the cock, she said green numerous times. Her ass was very slippery and I slowly played with it and inserted my middle finger, I was now licking her pussy, fucking her with a large dildo with one hand and finger fucking her ass with the other hand, it was still all green she had her first orgasm she quivered and I started again she screamed not to stop and had her second orgasm.

Round two....
I was laying next to her kissing her and pulled out a beginners butt plug, she said yellow and said go slow it didn’t take long before she eventually started
to enjoy it.

I put on a cock ring and was hard as a rock, I set her on all fours and fucked her from behind while slamming the butt plug inside her. I grabbed the dildo and made her suck on it and give it a blow job, it was like having two guys at one time. I pulled out and she got on top of me and grabbed the dildo and started
to suck on it, she kept getting closer and closer to my face. She kissed me and started rubbing the cock against both of our lips, she said she always wanted to see a guy suck cock that it was it’s only a toy and wanted to fuck me in the mouth and make me come. How could I refuse she did everything that I asked of her, so I got into it for her, letting her push it further further down my throat, I exploded inside of her, and she also came at her same time.

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That is so sweet. Thank You. You really are very good at this!!! Now put this in your memory bank with the other one I gave you. 365
Barb 2 months ago
Dear Ms. Mysterious,
Hmmm Kit 365.....Will the number 69 be added to the memory bank Indian code that apparently I need to try break:-)
Hunter 2 months ago
He Man
Look for a new posting as I did what you requested
Barb 2 months ago
Dear Ms. Submissive,
Cant wait, looking forward to reading your new post:-)
Hunter 2 months ago
I guess they didn’t like it??? The title was No Repeat Threepeat. If for some reason it does show up eventually. Have a great weekend Sexy
Barb 2 months ago
I have added a post for you to enjoy. Hope they put it up soon
Barb 2 months ago
I have a butt plug. I got it as a gag gift at a bachelorette party last winter.
Barb 2 months ago
There are somethings that you may not want to re-gift this might be one of them!
Hunter 2 months ago
People ask why I went to grad school and got a masters. Simple answer— to get a job. It takes a masters to get a second look in this field. I work for a company based in Az that owns 31 Hospitals and a couple of hundred clinics in 6 states. I am second in command at one of the larger hospitals labs. We do work for 9 other hospitals and a bunch of clinics. All the samples come in by courier and are processed by our staff. We have 14 degreed professionals working in our area including my boss and myself. We are open for business 24/7/365 with the help of 36 technicians. While it is tedious work it is very technical and the margin for error is literally life or death in many instances.
If I sound like some kind of nutcase it is probably because I am. Who in their right mind wants to spend their entire day looking at bloods and tissue samples. No wonder I am such a bitch by the end of the week. One last thing to remember—- .com
Barb 2 months ago
You sure know how to turn me on! Blood, tissue, damn no, no, no please don’t stop:-)

I forgot to ask you an important question did you enjoy your bachelorette gift? Well the was a sudden change in the subject matter!

Do you remember how you won the gift let me take a shot at it? Out of twenty attendees….The most likely person to use the next prize “butt plug displayed” wins! Cast your votes! Vote are in … is a land slid 19 to 1 Barb….Barb congratulations!!! Speech ….I never when anything this is exactly what I wanted, I plan on trying it tonight:-)

All kidding aside, it sounds like you have a very important job and you are very responsible, you are very young to be at this level….sincerely congrats.
Hunter 2 months ago
I won it by having my name pulled out of a jar. Refused to model it.
Barb 2 months ago
Ms. Barb,
The vision of you modeling it will be difficult to get out of my head all day! Come to think of it…. that would a great accessory on a date night!
Hunter 2 months ago
Have you had a nightmare yet about my huge ass swallowing a butt plug????
I have not spent much time getting used to my “gift “ and never had it in for any Leno of time. A girlfriend tells me it makes for a great addition to her sex life.
Have you gotten all my things to remember put together yet?!!
Barb 2 months ago
I am not all that important in the scheme of things. I am kind of a foreman type. The boss doles out the assignments and I do my share plus help if anyone is having a problem. My boss is the go to guy when I can’t help.

Barb 2 months ago
I love your active imagination and sense of humor. Now it’s my turn.
You out lift your work out partner most of the time. Your favorite is bench press. Your least favorite is dead lift. You like to do curls but it kills you on the last set.
Do you check out the guys in the locker room?? What type of woman catches your eye in the gym?? Tight leggings or tee shirt ??? I am enjoying this a lot!!’
Barb 2 months ago
Lol….No I don’t check out the guys in the locker room. Although I am not offend if they check me out. It is my go to place so I use desecration.
Yes, on the bench press.
Dead lifts are a huge issue on messing up my back, I was in a motocross accident when I was younger so I stay away from this lift “don’t worry I wasn’t disfigured” just broke my hand, messed up my knees and neck, let’s just say I know when it is going to rain. Curls and triceps are up their as my favorite lifts, no the last set doesn’t kill me, although I do train hard I am their for a purpose and stay focused.

What type of women catches my eye in the Gym….. booty shorts, corp top, tight leggings, and the most important a smile, girl next door type and in shape. I am more between the legs and ass man. I love looking at hot ass it makes my day.

I remember all of the things that you told me, yes I have it figured out.

I am working on the details with my parole officer and I trying to get clearance from my witness protection handler. You might see something tomorrow-:) I also ran this through my risk management team. They all asked me if I can trust you? My response was….,How the fuck do I know, I just met her on a confession site! My IT team is on this I should get clearance tomorrow, if you try to back track me I don’t live in Bangladeshi it is throw you off! If you are bat shit crazy, I will hold your computer ransom and make you confess that you have used a butt plug and you loved it!

Hunter 2 months ago

No but I get off at 4:30 and we could have a drink and talk about getting that way.

Actually I am very anti drugs. We have Pot in Az and I don’t touch the shit.

Be a good boy and you won’t need all those people watching over your shoulder.

I am as much at risk or more than you are. I am doing this on a damn IPhone at my work station with big brother everywhere. I put on a mustache to go to the restroom because they track who goes in there. Not as bad as it sounds. It is a protocol brought about by the HIPPA rules. We might steal someone’s identity or god knows what.
Barb 2 months ago
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