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mother in law desire

mother in law desire

I am now 80+ I was widowed when husband died 45 yr old was left 4 kids not much to manage trying to keep all in order. MY SON INLAW ALWAYS WAS THERE FOR ME ASSISTING ME He u washelping me decorate I was 47 he was 26 he leaned over me very closely I was a bit alarmed I just moved position Later having coffee I felt his hand stroke my leg. I ignored it said nothing. Every night for a week Having coffee his hand used to stroke my legs I never rebuffed or mentioned it I actually looked forward to my son in law doing it. Time passes then again he brought me home I went to bed he brought me up a drink to my bedroom I was in bed in my nightie My hand was under the cover yes as he talked i admit I was fondling myself we never said nothing but to this day I have the desire to tell him of all my feelings through the years .Am I bad to want to speak with him and tell him I did want him
anonymous Other December 29, 2013 at 12:00 am 0
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Tell him how you feel, my mother inlaw is 78 now and we have been lovers since she was 59 and we still make love, so don't think its too late for you and enjoy the wonderful feeling of tender sex
anonymous 5 years ago
No it is not wrong if you have been carrying these innermost feelings you should talk to him. Unburden yourself and see what it brings either way it will stop the what if should I always troubling you bring it all out to himI say
anonymous 5 years ago
I feel the exact same am 78 My son inlay & I share little moments we both know we wanted to but never done
major regret
anonymous 5 years ago
My mother in law is 73 and I have had a crush on her for 12 years. We have never had sex but we hug whenever we see each other and I have no problem having her catch me staring at her. I have told her I love her and she the same, but I don't think she really knows how much I desire her and how I have had to suppress it. Even at her age I think she is the sexiest woman on the planet.
anonymous 5 years ago
Have sex with her and let her enjoy what time she has left. My own mother-in-law and I enjoyed sex up to the time she left this earth. She even thanked me for giving her pleasure in her last years. I was alone with her in her last hours and we talked about our stolen moments. She was a very sexy woman even in her old age. So give her as much cock as you can and whenever.
anonymous 5 years ago
My mother-in-law of 72 is a chubby widow and is always hungry for sex. It doesn’t matter to her I'm her son-in-law if she only gets sex.
I’m gratefull she likes it that much and have sex with her whenever I have the opportunity.
anonymous 5 years ago
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Ciara 3 years ago
I fuck my 75-year-old mother-in-law at least twice a week. Even at her age she can't get enough cick.
John 3 years ago
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