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I’ve been married for two years. My husband and I have no children. Before I met him I dated a lot of black guys. I quickly realized how much I miss, sucking and fucking big black cock! My husband just can’t make me cum like black guys can!
I recently met a black guy at a bar after work one Friday. After a few drinks and a lot of flirting, I went to the bathroom and took off my wet panties. When I got back I guided his hand in between my legs and whispered in his ear that I was married but black guys turn me on and that he made me very wet! I told him I really wanted to suck his cock and get fucked! On the way to his house I couldn’t wait so I sucked his big black hard on! He came in my mouth before we got to his place. Then he fucked my pussy till I was sore. 3 orgasms later I was driving home with a soaked pussy full of his cum! My husband was asleep but that didn’t stop me from masturbating and tasting his cum!
I want so bad to see him again. I wonder if my husband would like to watch?
Julia Relationships January 15, 2023 at 12:29 am 1
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I understand you like it big. But does it have to be black? Can be a big white cock? I have one
Bob 1 year ago
Sounds like you're Coockoo for that black cock, I can just only imagine how that looked, If you're husband is freaky maybe he would like to watch.
Mick 1 year ago
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