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Mature housewife confession

Mature housewife confession

Married almost 40 years and in all that time I have enjoyed my life with my husband. I am ashamed to admit to 1 transgression many years ago, back in the 1980's we were friends with a couple, I worked with the other lady involved, no names as I am mortified to think of what happened and I am embarrassed thinking about it whilst I type.

It was a summers day, my husband had gone to work, however myself and my friend and her husband were all still in my home, as it was a warm summers morning I had worn an orange summer dress that laced up at the back, exposing my back, so I was not really able to wear a bra with it. It offered plenty of support to my breasts, which was good as I am still a 36C! Anyway sitting on the couch with my friend the 3 of us were all laughing and joking over a morning coffee. I was not paying attention to what my friend was doing and if I had been I would not be writing this, I would have stopped her immediately. Unknown to me at that time, she was deftly loosening the lace which was tied in a bow at the back of my dress.

After a few minutes, the top of my dress felt loose, eventually I realised the bow was untied and the lace was working loose, I stood up to re-tie it, however as I stood the dress fell from my shoulders, exposing my ample bust, I tried to cover my breasts with my hands, however as I did this I felt the dress sliding down my body and on to the floor.

I stood naked, except for my red French knickers, in front of my friend and her husband, I went scarlet, by breasts flushed and my nipples became erect, I don't know why as I felt so silly standing there with my hands trying to cover my bust. I didn't think my situation could become more compromised, but just then I felt hands either side of my panties and yes I felt them being lowered, I tried to keep my knees together, but foolishly of me I never said "Stop."

Eventually I was standing naked in front of another man, other than my husband and this mans wife. She is a brunette and I am still a natural blonde, her husband was staring at my naked form, admiring my breasts and my neatly trimmed lady garden. I don't know why and to this day I can't understand my reaction, other than running from this scene, I let my arms fall to my side. This was the sign my friends husband was waiting for. I felt him fondle my bottom, my breasts and run his finger between my legs, I will admit to being wet at this stage, I love my husband dearly, but at that moment, he was totally out of my thoughts. I was naked, I was being fondled by my friends husband and her as well. I didn't know why I was allowing myself to be in the position I was in, I only knew I was and I was enjoying the abandonment of the moment.

I stood still allowing hands and mouths to explore my naked body, suckle my nipples, I watched as my friend and her husband undressed, I watched as his penis came into view, wow it was quiet a considerable lot bigger than my husbands, my friends breasts are much smaller than mine, so I guess that evened things up! I could feel her hands on my bottom and running up and down my back, his hands and lips were on my bust.

I was getting more aroused and at that moment all I wanted was for him to mount me and make me his for that brief moment. I laid on the carpet and was asked to open my legs, I did as requested. I felt wanton, totally free as I felt I had no control over what was about to happen. Why I don't know, I just lay there and said "mount me and fuck me," my friend was holding my arms above my head, her husband positioned himself between my legs, his penis was erect and large and had no difficulty in penetrating me, it felt good, my nipples were erect and huge at this stage, bright red on top of my white breasts.

He started with slow deep thrusts and quickly began to up his pace, I have never climaxed on my husbands penis, however I came quickly, followed by another. I was a wanton slut at that stage, I urged him to keep his penis inside me when he came, which he did, I felt every spurt. He withdrew, I was then over come with embarrassment and sadness for betraying my husband in such a base way. I have never repeated this and I have never divulged this to anyone. I am totally ashamed of myself. I am now in my 60's I have never repeated this, my husband has no idea this happened.
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I think I read this post before.....
bobby 3 weeks ago
You should have fucked this guy with large dick many times....a little enjoyment is not bad if no one gets hurt...
Ramon 3 weeks ago
bobby yes well spotted, I have lived with guilt for many years and by posting it on line for strangers to read it may well serve as a warning for women or men who are thinking of straying to think again. I am ashamed of my actions
Mature Housewife 3 weeks ago
I have a drop dead gorgeous wife who will sex me anytime and very often. There was no reason for me to cheat but I did. I was a serial cheater which cost me my 1st marriage. I forgave myself and stopped the cheating many years ago. Yes I am ashamed of my past as well.
anonymous 3 weeks ago
Very erotic read! Is possible your child maybe this man's and not your husbands?
Will 3 weeks ago
Mature housewife,
I understand your agony. However, you must just let it go!!! This was in the past. You got a chance to fuck someone and it just happened. You wouldn't obsess if you shared a smoke with someone other than your husband, would you?? This is just pussy!! Let it go. What you can do to deal with your guilt is be very nice to your husband. Don't ever deny him sex. All men, I mean every single one of them, crave for a woman's cunt. If they deny it, they are lying. All men are wired to fuck. Just go the extra mile to give your husband pussy whenever he wants. Be proactive. Suck him everyday. As long as you are doing your wifely duties, i.e., providing him all the pussy he wants, you are fine. In fact, I'd go further and say if you get another chance to fuck someone else, then go for it. Enjoy. God gave you pussy for a reason. Don't, like most fuckin' cussed, petty women, deny it to someone. Celebrate sex. The most important thing is to be responsible. Don't ever deny something that you alone can give to your spouse. Happy fuckin'. Tell us about your adventures.
Pussylover 3 weeks ago
The only adventure I have had other than with my husband I have laid bear on here, it was my only transgression, I am not proud I let it happen, although yes at the time it was very enjoyable. Do I get any enjoyment mentally I did it, no not really.
Mature Housewife 3 weeks ago
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