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Maybe I'm a slut, but I absolutely love having sex. And I love having sex with different men. Older men. Younger men. Married. Single. If they want to have sex with me, I'm probably very willing. In fact, I haven't got married so I could continue having a variety of partners.

But.... I kind of wish I had the security offered by marriage. Would really like to find a nice guy who would marry me, but allow me to continue my dating habits. I would have sex with my husband. I just want it with other men also.
Karen Sex March 08, 2019 at 11:52 am 0
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I really don't care about marriage but love to fuck any man I fancied. I prefer a mature person (not necessarily aged) who lasts long in fucking and fucking deep almost hurting me!!! I love this man to fuck me in particular. He understands what I want - longer, deep penetration with thicker and ample size of cock. He has devised a way to add girth and a bit of length to his cock - he would wear a sheath made of thin thermal material allowing heat transfer over his cock and then cover it with a condom. He will then fuck me in all possible ways literally for hours till we both are exhausted and go for final emptying of his ball in early morning. I never missed multiple orgasms in the sessions with him....
chudo 2 months ago
jim 2 months ago
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