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Lost My Cherry To the Neighbor Girl

Lost My Cherry To the Neighbor Girl

When I was about 10, we got new neighbors across the street from Texas. They had a daughter, "kathy" who was 5 years older than me and hot as hell! She would wear tight halter tops and short short and had large full breasts and a curvy butt. She had a drawl and all the neighbor kids made fun of her. But she liked me and we hung out together. She always wanted to shoot baskets in my backyard court behind our garage. It was secluded with a big hedge and lots of trees. Her huge tits would bounce and almost pop out of her tight half tops as she shot baskets. She was now 18 and I was 13. My barely teen cock was hard as a rock. I noticed "Kathy would always look at my crotch and smile." One summer day, when my parents were gone she came over to "shoot basket". She was wearing a very skimpy halter top and Daisey Duke shorts. We shot a few round then she asked for a drink of water. We went inside my house. In the kitchen as I was getting her water, she put her arms around me and pushed her big tits into my back. She said "you're cute" and kissed me on the neck. I was shocked and excited and didn't know what to do. Luckily she did. She led me down to our basement rec room and proceeded to take off her halter top. I had never seen real boobs before. She giggled and asked me if I liked them. I said yes and asked if I could touch them. She said "of course" and I started feeling her naked breasts and nipples. She started moaning...then she unbuttoned her Daisy Duke jean shorts and shimmied out of them. She had a little white lace pair of panties on. By now my 13 year old cock was throbbing. she reached out to me and unzipped my shorts and pulled them and my underwear down exposing my raging hard cock. "Ooo...for a young boy you are nice sized." Kathy then grabbed my cock and started stroking it. She then through me down on the couch, pulled her panties off and got on top of me. She took my cock and slid it inside her wet pussy and started riding me, her big tits bouncing up and down as she did. We fucked and fucked until I blew my wad, which was probably like 5 minutes later LOL. It was my first time!

After this first encounter, we would find places to fuck all over the place. She didn't have a driver's license for some reason so we were limited to where we could bike. Also my mom got concerned why this 18 year old girl wanted to hang out with me so much. So we started being stealthy about our hookups and meeting up at a local park and fucking under cover of pine trees. If my parents or hers weren't home, we would fuck away in their basement!

We got busted one day by my mother who happened to come home while we were downstairs on the couch and I was on top of Kathy pounding away at her. My mom screamed at both of us. She pulled me off Kathy and started slapping her face calling her a whore and a slut and told her to put her clothes on and not come back. Kathy ran out of the room, put her clothes on in the hallway. Mom then called her mom and her parents and mine had a "meeting " with the 2 of us which was totally humiliating. My parents said she took advantage of me since she was 18 and I was only 13. They told her parents she and I were to have no contact with each other...

My mom then told me in private that I was to blame too for letting her take advantage of me.

After several weeks of eyeing each other across the street, I finally waited for her on her route home from high school. We both hugged and kissed and vowed that our parents couldn't keep us away! To celebrate we went to our favorite park and started up our fucking sessions again. We just never did it at or around our homes.

About a year later, after she graduated they moved back to Texas. I still think about her to this very day!
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How old are you now? Have you tried to contact her?
bob 2 years ago
When I was 16f I had sex with 14yo boy Nextdoor he was shy until he pulled down his pants he had a 10” dick. We fucked everyday after school and as much as we could all weekend. He was a young stud he fucked me so hard and made me scream and cum a lot.
Daddy 2 months ago
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