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I hate people. I hate those dam sick dirty sex addicted royals and over production of their kids while the rest of the world is in suffering. I hate bank workers and professionals. I think too many old women over 50 have too save positions in jobs and need to sell themselves down before they hit their graves. So many of them could work in holiday travel agents they have been so many places travelling and yet they hold up jobs in medical or fashion retail offices and what have you! This is not a meghan markle heheven answer the door if they came to my place so I don't have to be too nice to them. I hate school kids and workers and I hate just about anyone. I just live on hate. Hate is all I was given by the world so I surely have to give it back to anyone I can, seeing it has to be so good. Drop dead world.
farkwar Disgusting February 06, 2019 at 3:34 am 0
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just gonna put this out there, please don't feel sorry for kate or meghan and don't be fooled to think they will help you. These bitches have ruined other womens lives and uteruses and hope of child and husband and work. so don't give them a thing. They deserve nothing but scorn from you. Don't be fooled. they have left a lot of women in poverty and hovel and broken down houses. they drink too heavy and show off and lazy mothers and they are over-achievers at the finanical and emotional expense of other women and the unfornature situation they are in is all due to meghan and kate. they are the only ones that gained and who can afford kids and that era over the last 20 years has set back a lot of women who these women made sure where raped or murdered or socially ostrasided. just remember that.

the next blonde bird who meets meghan should ignore her like she did to that blonde she stopped harry meeting just because she is pregnant and fat and insecure and lets face it , the cute blonde was young, gifted, and looked too diana like with her short hair and her purple head band and red dress. kate has done similar as well, she blocked people getting near william, william told her to stop being such a bitch in public one day, she has done countless negative hurtful abusive things. take at the child place showing drawings that make her happy is with her kids and family, some of those kids don't have a family. and I sure don't have kids . many people she did not give photos and pen to paper to. snarling at people when jealous of people talking to william, like well der DDERR? kate wiped her nose too talking and over drama hand gestures and they were booed too after her nude photos were shown and what about her naked dress to get williams attention. she worn that deliberately she knew he would be there, she had a a plan just like megs did and these women were helped into these positions of power. do not be fooled. she was second best to catathrope girlfriend and you can see that just like megs compared to cressida was. truely did these women who married them buy there way or bitch their way in. I meet countless people who get dirt on men deliberately set them up and get the dirt to blackmail . don't put it past these women. I mean just remember the queen said "I am not keen on this and I don't like it" about kate's wedding dress display but she constantly gives in and allows the younger ones too much leniency than most grandparents from wealthy titled families or poor- middle class evangelistic and new Pentecostal right wing churches/ Christians would who are ruling mainstream today over and above traditional churches.

see how she works and kate is the same all the time copying diana and other people like anne or the queen or some other princess, is nothing short of a sickness. a pathetic mental illness to copy your dead mother in law, how many women would do this ever?
and then all the other dresses they copy from other celebrities and megs wedding dress really took the cake. I mean I even wondered did she just borrow princess angela in Lichtenstein dress , she looked like so cross of disney jasmine meets pokahonas. i guess both are black.

so much for black women being so supressed and poor and note they don't marry a black or asian prince. just white princes to steal that image from white women in white culture so that white culture will turns it back on white women even more. not acceptable.

don't be fooled. did dianas dress come out of the voult of a french royal from 1600's or at least a copy.

but these women make money shaddy. shaddy ladies. shaddy royal businesses that fraud people and how they bully and abuse certain people.

one day I just pray all the victims of the royals can all get together and share their stories and be listened to and belieed and have each other to support each other. cuz it has to happen.

i bet the queen has broken marriages . has to have. its been coveered up.

stop liking these parasites. its not work getting dressed up and shaking hands. it just aint a job, do you ever see it in a job agency ever? nope. never. no one advertises for dressed up shaking hands dumbies to a party unless your rent a crowd and that is another thing. these guys do this every xmas and all the time they hire rent a crowd to cheer them.

they wonder why people boo and hate them. they need to look more at the poor and how much pain they have given to the world

their babies don't give me happiness or delight. them having their babies don't give me a job or a baby or husband or house over my head or a car to get to work.

they do nothing. nothing. nothing.

please wake up to this world. please. they should be seperate from head of state. let them do their celebrity socialising but stop calling it work or charity help because would you go to a charity they were gonna be at really? its not like they will help you get a job or date or a baby or sex or nothing, all they do is spread shit. everywhere the royals go trouble follows like in nz terrorist attacks. its all part of the spin. wake up and see it for yourself. turn your face away from them and live your life and make you number 1 and not them or their kids. they will not love you or help you for devoting your time to them liking them. all they do is abuse their fans. I know I used to be one and I was bullied by one of them. to this day I still don't know why I was abused or what they felt they had the need to harm me like that. I did nothing to them untoward. so how many do you think they do this to. millions.

stop buying their shit, stop reading their stories. stop looking and buying the mags and stop going to their events. stop wanting a photo with them or lining up. megs and harry made it clear she and he don't want to meet you. they all the same.

I support anyone who has been abusive and verbally rude to them online. I support anyone giving them violent speak because chances are they did it to them first. kate and megs are no innocents and nor are any of the royals. so just stop now and save your future.
geetcha62q3 2 months ago
I have some respect for the queen but I have no respect for the younger royals like harry and william. I find it hard to respect charles and andrew with the way they conducted their marriages. If I had married any male royal I would have said "go have affairs and I don't care" but I think that they shouldn't have affairs and that is what was so obvious a shock for me as a child and teen that you see this beautiful woman like diana who really did look older for her years due to her height but her face did look fresh. but there were things about her that didn't add up, parts of her personality appeared to be older while others stunted.

to me the people like all these what I call , "all-so-ran" royals around the head bunch which really all of them but , the queen and charles and william and then george are like the nucleus. I think people need to learn their pecking order and some times it changes and people can't deal with that.

camilla is a down to earth sort of every day person in some ways but people will still blame her. I couldn't care less now. I liked diana but I always felt she would have been a better match for andrew or for a younger man. i used to like andrew years ago but I don't know if he could walk over charles to king. it would be a weird event but interesting. that would be like the queen and margaret all over again. and I have wondered is andrew gay? why hasnt he remarried when you would think he should have ages ago. it makes no sense. I can't see him being a good leader anyway. he has proven to be a serious cad worse then charles. how can anyone unlive that whole sham with sarah and money to meet him, it makes no sense. none of what they were about makes any sense more and more when you look back over past time.

Why i don't respect most of them is just you see them as boring and old school and I just don't see the point of them especially kate and meghan and what they are supposed to represent is strange. Are they really the face of most women today around that age? do they understand all the marginalized people (more marginalized then not now) out there who are nothing like them who have no husband or wife or children or job?

do they really represent the queen or a head state face of power or stability when they can't act stable themselves. Here you have Harry and Meghan ignoring people at line ups and is that what the queen would do or expect as part of the so called "JOB" of being royal?

charles proved to be a cad and bad to his wife and andrew seem weird and anne seems un-human but modest and straight forward and no fancy chat and no "flossin' wit da possie" like kate and megs.

the queen and philip seem un-human i mean its not like you can go up to them and give them a hug or that they would go out of their way to give you a hug. I don't know what the queen things or feels but i feel sad things have come so bad now. But with meghan there its just all fakery. did you see that video shoot she did as a tribute to wallis simpson? my god, that is so sump-rat level and shows you what she was thinking, did she audition for this role as harrys weird wife as a ws knockoff or what? and why? do they want another war again? I see a pattern coming with queens death announcement. and all I can say is after seeing that video of her as wallis simpson it made me feel like "now I can see why mary40 said meghan is so dam cunning" it just comes across so slutty, vial and very forced like "here I go again for a a good fuck" and this is how she sold herself to a fool like harry or is he just playing a game too?

it made me feel no sympathy for meghan at all now. what is her whole stunt about? who put her there? and why?

that video has to be before her baby and marriage. before her relationship with harry or at the start of it. she probably sent it to him privately as a show of her level, sexual abilities and she is just terrible.

she looks good at some things but she is so forced in all she is and does now. so is kate. so is charles and camilla. william is not even a serious man yet. harry would make a terrible leader.

so no i don't resepct them much. not the younger ones at all, current fab ones. the kids of kates - well george is a cutie, and charollote looks sweet and demanding but I just don't know what to think because if I had had my own children and career and a husband or wife I would be more consideration to their current image but i am not.

when i look at harry at his wedding I just see david. i just see a guy who now knows he made a mistake listening to the wrong people but i think he likes the idea of role playing with megan this whole king on the run /war and scandal stuff. its like they are living out the past for a reason for the world.


bpnsh 2 months ago
kate and meghan having more babies is only going to distance them more and more and drop their popularity in the polls. afterall, I don't think these women understand the daily struggles out there for women and they have fewer and fewer things in common with most women and now even having more babies will only widen the gap as most women are not having babies now and just can't afford them, can't find a man, can't even afford having eggs frozen and all that stuff. Kate has proven to a useless cow milk machine and Meghand is a dead loss joke.

If these women keep getting pregnant women are not going to goo-goo up to that loved up bump over and over and feel pity or sympathy or empathy for them at all. There are way too many single women now who just can't find partners who came from average good religious homes and these two brats of women want to shove it in the face of every nil-childed women, nil-maned woman, nil-married woman.

Well I see it as a insult. As I have heard a lot of women saying very similar like "Oh you kate are the only one who can afford that many pregnancies and queen of wee and poo nappies" and "me-gain, no words can paint a kind image of that witchy bitch" what the hell was the queen thinking to allow here in" is all I ever hear and I can't like them. I just can't.

That dis respectfulness of Me-gain Meg-low-mania with the poker tongue still offends me every time I see it, its just so childish and unroyal, unclassy, and its how she will be remembered along with all the other negative images of her wallis shoot tribute and also her wedding dress tribute to some principality of nothingness that i am sure england will end up or maybe this is what this witch wants anyway far away in africa from everyone have a think about it. she can have her cakes and eat it too as usual that is me-gain.

kate just looks like she will be yet again channeling and copying another royal, whoever is flavor of the month for her, we seen her copy diana, anne, grace kelly, the queen many times, her having twins or triplets as one fake news reported is a dead evl omen to them because it will not make people like them or women endear to them. These women are the takers of the world and I have not seen them give back a thing or help one other person.

Kate shows a lot of dis-respect to disadvantaged women every day she flaunts and with each pregnancy. She is nothing like Diana and she is as selfish as me-gain from what I can see.

its not work having babies. there is nothing to be proud of having babies over and over. its no talent to be a mother and do what you should with responsibility of breeding more trouble to the world.

some dumb folk who are married, usually working upper class types, go get pregnant again when a royal baby is announced begging to be married into their exclusive clan in 20 years time or more and its a joke that so many dumb married couples try to do this and they have very little hope of getting there.

neither of these women have the class sophie has or the kents, and they only dragged them in to pave the way and test the waters for camilla, but I will say camilla is down to earth and nothing too flossin' there like kate and megain. I don't hate them, I just don't really like them much or what they stand for. They are not the queen. Kate can try but she probably will never have the same respect the current queen has. I mean she is a hard act to follow so everyone will be pointing out the faults of whoever is next.

I just think william & kate, Harry & megain are completely out of touch with the real world characters and people and their struggles and I see these try hards and some who are the players out there in work clothing humpin' and a jumpin to the top by looks and ass and they are the people who are living in a dream, so they are so breakable but the street people, the people stuck on welfare for decades and have injuries and illnesses and problems from childhood etc, I call them the "strugglers" and they are not as breakable now. They been broken in before many times. These younger royals have no perception and no connection to the people who just wanna be and have never been good enough for the world. I know how that feels, like I say "if I am not good enough for the world to open up chances for me at work and marriage and babies and all the things I wanted like everyone else, then I say curse this world/universe, if someone decreed that I am unworthy to have a baby and find love and work and have some emotional and physical and financial investments then I say stuff this world back"

I can't understand how they let so many jungle monkeys and apes into our class system and workforce to fuck it all up without a back up plan to help the classes already here to survive, like not saying one race is better but whites knew how to make a strong money and moral system and make houses long before the black and other cultures did' all they did was make teepees, hideskin huts and mud huts and leave roofs and they want the new royals here in western world and we are expected to live in shit fall down places when we should have got the rise up. If megs and kate and royals support that then I just won't support them. no sorry's just plain survival important here. Those young loved up dirty minded sex maniacal fab 4 royals did nothing for me. I don't want to meet them. To me their a frump Zero not a fab 4. Doing nothing for world but sexing and baby making is not helping the world. Its not balancing the system. Them talking about stupid things like feminism and wanting to be political is not helping things. They have real power to change economic systems and all that wealth this one family has and I am just thing "well what about me and all the work I have done?" "what I went without for some one else - when does that get rewarded please" !

when was the last time megain and kate went without all that ego bolstering babies and feeling important at weddings.

I mean do we have to see one more royal wedding - its just beeeertrix and her fatale mamale now and get it over with quick please.
jaafw 2 months ago
if we have to hear of one more royal wedding and babies shit my shirt coat out my bum cheeks, geez, one dominate family and no on else seems to matter. fuck off. get beertrix married and knocked up to edweirdo this quick and quiet and so someone else can have a go please. like enough already.
couldn't agree more 2 months ago
getting dressed up and having people do your hair and suit and such, and roll up and shake hands and smile is not work. poor people call this socializing and entertainment. its not even offensive to say this. its just a fact and a political point of view and there are a lot who are anti-monarchistic groups and individuals does not mean we are killers or plotters, we are just giving opinion and like harry himself said "having the confidence to voice it by whatever means" and he said he supports that but then he plays assabout? and I would like to see harry and meghan try to stop every person who don't share their useless point of view. its just their view of themselves to benefit themselves.

see how totalitarian these toxic evil couple are. ****://****.youtube****/watch?v=K2H5sFTM3Fc and there is nothing cool about that.

harry is no daddy cool. daddy dickhead useless more like it. you can't censor everyones head you pair of mean holes.

well, yes, its a personal fantasy of mine for them to die but I wouldn't plot it or plan it or encourage anyone to. that is the diffrence. I would like to see a lot of people who do bad done out and I would like to see a lot of the class system down and the poor given a better go. not the royals way of a fair but the peoples way of fair. I so, I have a lot of fantasies. just because meghan wants meghan won't get around here or from me. she will not be involved in my world - end of story. I hate them. I see good points and didn't critise her clothing but I will when I see shit. and telling people how to think politically and demand it and force it with fake frames of murder plotting and racism has to be so weak and sick. They are such try hards and everyone knows it. you will have to follow and book and call in mi5 to patrol and sue all of youtube and facebook pages and all pubs and schools in the world where mouths really insult. so fuck off hasbean hardway harry and me gain meg low maniac. I don't have to like you. you can't make me, give me a few million real dollars I might but anything short of that nah. forget it. i still think your both an ass. cuz i hear shit about you in cafes and surgery waiting rooms. etc I doubt everyone is liked in this world and it s not like you can bring in law that "everyone must like harry and meghan or your under arrest"; this all just proves the totaliatiran over rated opinions they have of themselves and how out of date they are and what bad parents they will be. how vomitous. I still see them at checkouts in mags and I think "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHA not you again" and "STOP REACHING OUT" you make everyone dry wrench.

these people won't make you happy or give you love and a fuzzy feeling by seeing their kid and their marriage when you don't have one. Its an audacity of them to expect people to be so suppressed down to not have a live - a life these royals actively attacked and they have many victims who they want to keep voiceless. that is what sickens me and the ego mania of these sick people. you can't censor everyones heads, not everyone likes me so why should every one like you? you caused me to have this poverty and you want me to call it good , sorry , but just won't dude and dudette of sucksex.

hmm, the suss'ed sex out as a matter of fact from these two goons.

what a hide to expect others to be in love with them more then their own lives. what arrogance and false idol and against god and christ. god.

this couple really are nuts. not everyone wants to kill you or cares about your skin color and we don't have to buy into the song of you.

they kick people off a instagram page, they kicked homeless out of streets for their retarted ugly wedding which was creepy morti-adams family like in that car with her mother.

I have looked at it from 2 sides here, that i don't hate her clothes but I still don't have to like them and I won't. I will not. my parents will not.

my parents and my family and I have said "if any royal turned up here we would run out the back door we have no respect for them" and will not bow and curtsy to them. not to a whore and male bitch asshole.

your still both adulters.

gaugewa 2 months ago
i had to experience racism and discrimination and bullying to a level the royals have not and they can't begin to understand. Its not your suffering what I have been through. so stop trying to take that away from me too. fuck off. you can't make people like you and to bring in laws like to stop people speaking up shows your mentalness and it will wreck you in the end. that is how other royal families where beheaded. not saying i would do that. just to cover myself. but so what if people have fantasies of seeing them gone and dead or their ugly waste of a life kid spastic and retarted ? it might help the cause. seeing megs so selfless. lol.
qwgq 2 months ago
yeh, if i can be stalked by**** stalkers and bullied for over 30 years why can't they. nothing more special about them then anyone else. you can't hold back the tide of change and modernization now based on discrimination and you wanted change to bring her melinated skin in and change rules well others will too. you bring in a million with 1 throw. crazy thing is harry would only take on a harmless old person to attack them and then he would want someone like me to protect him. all alter motives.
shake up 2 months ago
you can't censor everyone and everything. it just shows their immaturity because when you are in public eye people will make up their own minds what to think and you can't stop political opinions and I would like to see a lot of systems broken down to create less poverty for the poor in western world especially good white people stuck on welfare, working poor and I am just defending my own kind as a good person would. so stuff off megain and hasbean. and I don't apologies for that. I am not rich and I am not royal. I am a average person who wants to fight for my own people and class. and for freedom of speech and their is a thing called ignoring haters and just live your life quietly doing your own thing like how these bastards in the royals have done to their victims. if they bring in these laws they will cause complete anarchy and people then will retaliate. you can't censor the world.

they are parasites and its not "abusive" to say and question social issues like how they waste public money. that is not trolling its just a different point of view and political opinion. its not abusive and not hate speech. not racist. meghan and harry needs to learn how their cruel abuse on people in the past can't be errased just by a sexualised over sexed pair of fools marrying and having a baby. more methanie production and hot air ! right to the population. it doesn't matter how people speak face to face or written or what side of the political or financial fence you stand on but you can't rule out different political opinion or you get rid of all political systems and fairness and right to group and raising awareness of how the royals waste money at the poor white peoples expense in the commonwealth, people have right to group and meet and think and talk and raise awareness about what the royals do with tax payers money and be accountable for it, it doesn't mean people are gonna kill them, everyone has a right to a political point of view. the indigenous and ethnical elders of england and uk etc those naughty bad white skinned people. just because my ancestors could build bridges and houses to live in and not cow hide teepees doesn't make me less then any congo brat from the jungle. all they do is come over to western world and the kids leave the jungle and in no time in prams with digital pacifiers with laptops and tablets to watch cartoons on public transport or private and in shops and its like they mind can't think without it. makes no sense to me. how did they survive in the jungle before they came here or their previous generation what are anyone teaching them to just come out to white naughty nations and ride a gravy train to royalty treatment and new cars and jobs and best of education and best of fair while whites go without who worked harder, makes no sense to me, and this loser try hard wants to censor us for no thinking like him. sorry but it shows their nasty and their immaturity. I don't understand they arrogance and stupidity! this must be advice from sereena bulldog williams and amal the legal genuineness of all known living things on earth and beyond. lol. such experts on everything.
pov 2 months ago
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