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I m trying to be a good Christian

I m trying to be a good Christian

I'm a 63 year old and live on Capitol Hill in Denver Colorado

I need to get something off my chest and mind

I was brought up in church and did real good about not sinning except when I was 10 or 11 their was four of us would get naked masterbate each other if I remember I think their was some cock sucking

I joined the Army when I was 17 years old and got real stone drunk and committed adultry I was blacked out I only came to my senses for about 10 seconds I noticed a female on me and riding my cock hard then black out again

I said the wrong thing by saying God D____ and Jesus C_____ but meant nothing by it

I had sex with another female when I was married again stone drunk haven't really drink in 18 years

I have done good about sinning until I becum so freaking horny I been divorced for 18 years and that was the last time I had sex

I have becum really so freaking horny I becum curious about having sex with another males

So brought a dildo and gay bareback porn to feel what it's like being hammered and totally enjoy it

I would prefer having sex with females but to fine a female for sex is hard but hooking up with males is a lot easier

Filled out some gay sex dates a few have answered my profile I have had oral sex been the top and bottom couple of times but only with small packages still waiting for a real nice manhood package to relieve my sexual horniness and get back to life

I needing to be hammered by a nice manhood package and I think I will I'll be ok

I maybe addicted to gay bareback porn and masterbating three or four times a day

I'm hoping to go to heaven and not hell the bible does say you can be forgiven for adultry

I love sucking a nice clean manhood I get rock hard when I see a naked male with a nice manhood package and fantasies about being hammered by it.

I don't know if I'm bicurious bisexual or gay hope I'm still straight
Donald Sex July 26, 2020 at 10:18 pm 1
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Don´t worry I don't think consensual sex is a sin, hetero or homo.....even adultery is not bad if the espouse does not find out and is not hurt....I have a big package and would be happy to hammer your butt I am in Mexico and cannot go to the US after I was deported for illegal entry....keep fucking, it relieves tensions....
Hermenegildo 2 months ago
Pretty common for guys that don't get sex from a female to turn to males. Sick and disgusting as that is.
anonymous 2 months ago
I think you answered your own question, you are past being bicurious, you are bisexual, and you are afraid to admit you are gay. Why do you hope you are straight ? Do you really want to stop sucking cock, being top or bottomed. You crossed over it will be difficult to stop these desires. Enjoy what you are doing just be safe. My first encounter was a guy introducing himself in a steam room, he went to shake my hand and held onto it and put it on his cock, I couldn’t move it, I ran my hand up and down his cock and jerked him off until he exploded. It progressed into guys jerking me off, I even gave four guys a show one guy worked his finger up my ass I was riding it and jerked off in front of the other guys. You will be looking for the next rush and go further and further.
Male tease 2 months ago
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