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I m recently explored prostate play and need tell

I m recently explored prostate play and need tell

So I recently tried prostate stim because I was curious of bigger orgasm with male g spot, I’m straight but I liked it. It didn’t change my stance but wanna get off more just as hard. Any help?
Chaz Fetish June 30, 2022 at 6:43 am 0
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Ask a good friend with a small/medium cock to fick you and see if you can have more pleasure. Are you married? Your wife or girl friend could peg you also...although I think the fleskh dick would be better
bob 1 month ago
You really didn’t mention how you had ass play, but are insinuating that it was on the shameful side? Why? Enjoy it and explore safely! If it was just your finger great start but their is much more to enjoy, you only live once don’t have any regrets. I started out slow with a toy and then my wife would finger me or use the toy on me even fucked me and stuck a dildo in my mouth.It really was a great feeling. I have also been fingered fucked in steam room by guys.

My most recent experience one was on a business trip and I went to a mens bath house, it was in a porn viewing area and it had play area bed in the center of the from, I had a towel on and got on the bed and opened it wearing a pair of sexy pink panties, I let guys explore and grope me playing with me nipples while I stroke them. I then was so horny, I am talking breathing hard, with a raging hard on. I was worked so I slid my man panties off. I then took a bottle of lube and squirted it all over me, letting guys rub it all over my body and of course they reach for my cock and starting running there finger along my ass. I slid my legs up and give them easy access to my ass and let them finger fuck me! I then laid on my stomach and spread my legs and a guy gets on top of me and slides his cock up and down my ass, I resist and push his cock away a few times but two guys grab my arms and hold them down and said you know you want to get fucked in the ass, I pretend to resist but let him push his cock inside of me, it hurts a little but I get use to it, I then drop all of my inhibitions and fuck him hard pushing my ass against him so he can go deep while everyone is watching me. This was one of my top sexual experiences. Yes he had on a condom. I had at least three ass gasmes I was fucking him like a little whore and enjoyed the whole experience.

Hopefully my experience will intrigued to go further without feeling shameful.
Jess 4 weeks ago
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