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I m into Vore and here s why

I m into Vore and here s why

So I'm not too sure that this counts as a "Confession" or not... Confession imply a level of guilt and I have none for this sort of thing, actually I'm quite the open book and generally don't care what people think which is part of the reason why many of my friends know what I'm into. I don't see a point in hiding it and they know I'm not going to get carried away with it.

So first off let's go over this one more time. I am into Vore but what is that?

Vore or Voreophilia is a fetish often described as deriving sexual pleasure from the ideal of being eaten or eating others. Sounds pretty weird huh? Well yes and no because that's not an accurate description of the fetish and makes it sound like cannibalism.
A more accurate description is Vore or Voreophilia is a fetish which derives sexual pleasure or entertainment from the idea of being eaten through fantastical and unrealistic means including in ways totally impossible in real life.
Vore is inherently based in the fantastical as it inherently breaks the laws of reality, Ignoring physics and biology whenever someone can dislocate their jaw and swallow another person whole with no real issues or whenever someone can swallow another with their anus/cock/ear/nose/skin.
and especially whenever digestion is often treated as being painless or almost as frequently pleasurable.
Likewise it's always treated as if there is oxygen in the stomach or where the prey has been sent to so that roleplay can continue and there is an extremely even split between people liking the idea of being able to unhinge their jaw and people being shrunk to tiny sizes, typically 1-6 inches tall prior to the voring.

The point? As you can tell Vore is entirely based in fantasy, it's unrealistic and if someone is into vore they don't pose a danger to themselves or others. It's kinda silly that I have to say that but a lot of people see Vore and Cannibalism as the same thing, yes you can describe cannibalism with the tags used in vore but it would be something like.
Vore, Same Size, realistic, Gore, Bloodplay, Torture play, Castration play, Bad End, Death.
And out of those tags only "Vore" is a vore tag, with everything else being related to other fetishes and kinks.
Realistically if you have to take an average of nine steps from Vore to get to Cannibalism when the average for everything related to vore is three steps they're probably not related.

Hopefully this isn't too much to read, hahah. Truthfully before I get into my "Confession" i wanted to give a more detailed account of what Vore is and why people like it than you'll likely find most-anywhere else.

So the majority of people don't like vore because of three factors. 1. the comparison to cannibalism, 2. the death factor and 3. It's weird man.
And whilst not much can be said about 3 (I'm not deluded, it is weird.) The cannibalism comparison isn't accurate due to cannibalism being rooted in reality and vore in fantasy, sort of like the difference between Lord of the Rings' Isengard and the Industrial Revolution or The English invasion of Ireland and Skyrim. (If you didn't know the Imperial Occupation of Skyrim was based on the real events of the English Invasion of Ireland now you do.)
and the death factor isn't actually relevant the vast majority of people who like vore don't like death in their roleplays, using things like Reformers to basically regenerate their bodies, (Once more fantasy) minds and souls. Or mitigating digestion to not meaning anything. Or using teleporters to get people out of the body before digestion or even simply coughing someone up.

are there people who do like the death factor? Yes there are and I happen to be one of them which I will explain as well.

But First why are people into vore? the answer is much simpler than people think. Vore is essentially a domination game which pushes to the extremes, Being submissive to the point of being treated as an object, toyed with and then consumed or dominant to the point of pushing someone into the role of object and then consumable.
The second half is typically related to affection, the idea of being in a dangerous situation and someone else going out of their way to save you and make you feel like they care.

Hopefully you can see why some people may find the concepts appealing even if not in the form of vore, it's not really that people want to be eaten but more about what being eaten represents.

Now then why do people like the death factor? Well first off you have you realize that each roleplay a person engages in is segmented from each other roleplay in 90% of cases which means there's no sense of permanence or true danger for the people in the roleplay making these explorations of the darker side of vore more of a 'what if' scenario than anything else. If you gave the same people the chance to actually vore someone for real the majority of them would back down because it's too real and in fact there are many self aware artists in the community who make joking prods at the community with art of vore fans backing down the second someone who can actually vore them shows up.

The community is self aware enough to know that this is a fetish that only exists in fantasy and if it were possible to happen in real life then they most likely would not be into it, in the same way that you don't have people going out and feeding themselves to whales. I'm fully aware of how difficult that would be but you know how stubborn and embarrassing for our species some people are, depending on your opinions myself included of course x3

Now why do I like the death factor? Well that's also quite simple. I'm not actually in the community for the same reasons as most and that's not to say that I'm special, there are people who are in the community for the same reasons as I and I've met a few of them. Typically I'm a member of a sub-group of the community which joined through curiosity and stayed because we found something we enjoy. In my case I initially joined because wanted to talk to weirdos and freaks, people from different backgrounds with different life experiences and who lived all over the world. So I went to Omegle, where I found and joined (For this reason) the furry community and the vore community, later transitioning to more dedicated sites. Initially I found vore odd but used it as a means to find common ground, to talk to people and learn about them and through repeated roleplay with the fetish I started to enjoy it but not for the sexual aspects. To me there are sexual aspects but they're not linked to the fetish itself, they're linked to how the fetish is played out. A roleplay is essentially a story with two authors So I like to build drama and tension through the story, leading to an interesting and provoking outcome and if I can help it I'll make my partner in the roleplay laugh, think or panic. The panic part is because 90% of the community submits 1-3 lines of text per post, I due to being into the story building aspects can post anywhere between 1-8 paragraphs depending on how into the roleplay I am. Why do I do this? Because people aren't going to get better at what they enjoy if they don't have to push themselves. I'm actually known for helping people to get more descriptive and to increase post size in roleplays and the community. It's kinda neat.

Now you've probably seen the tag "Cock_vore" and some of you are shuddering at the thought of it, others swearing profusely and others might just be curious after all of this. At least I hope there are people who are curious anyway, I'd like to imagine that I'm doing a good job of explaining this fetish in more detail and in ways that make more coherent sense than your average person looking from the outside in like "Oh that's weird, isn't that weird?, yeah that's weird!"

So I briefly mentioned that due to it being based on the fantastical aspects vore can involve being swallowed by different body parts, even referencing absorption vore whenever I mentioned how there are types of vore where you can be vored by a person's skin.
Well Cock vore is another one of these, the idea is that you're pushed down someone's cock, ending up in their balls which magically have a biology defying chamber where sperm builds up like a water pistol has and for most people that's where it ends, they get shot out with the pred's next load and etc.
However as you may have suspected there are types of cock vore with a death factor of some kind or another, these will typically have a different fetish involved called "Cumgestion" which I'm sure you can guess what it is but if you can't it's the idea of being digested into cum, this process is often referred to as being "Churned" or "Churning up" and is often associated with the height of pleasure for the pred.. like the process of churning someone is incredibly pleasurable, something leaving them writhing in pleasure, moaning out as their prey churns, eventually becoming a rather ample load for their next orgasm, yes this process will often increase the size of the pred's testicles because Biology be damned we're being weird!
And they will 'deflate' whenever the excess cum is used up.

Now Cock vore can also be done with same size or size difference, Personally I like the idea of being shrunk to 3 inches tall for the process.

Now why do I like this? Well the majority of this is just because I met someone in the community who I had a really big crush on and they were into this so I ended up associating cock vore with intimacy and the want to make another person happy, Thus the idea of ending up inside someone's balls seems like a lewdly intimate thing to me and making them feel more pleasure than they could imagine before sounds really fun to me~

Now the themes I like in this sort of roleplay are themes like unaware, misidentified, misgiving, surprise, Betrayal, etc.

So to go through each of these:
Unaware: I adore the idea of being able to give someone that moment of absolute bliss without them knowing what's happening, like if I were accidentally fall out of their top pocket as a micro (3 inches tall) slide down to their pants and while they're casually walking around with each movement being like and earthquake to me eventually I'm pushed down their cock and into their balls.

Misidentified: I like the idea of ending up as a micro around one of my friends and them not recognising me immediately, deciding to have some fun and showing me a lewder side of them before tucking me away for some extra special fun.

Misgivings: I like the idea of being in a roleplay scene where my partner is unsure about what's going to happen but they're up for it because I want to do it, maybe they don't like vore or have never tried it due to the weird factor but by the end of the night they're laying in bed, sweating and enjoying the pleasure, thinking about how they should try this again some time (This is also to do with surprise)

Betrayal: Purely from a story driven standpoint a plot where the character is betrayed and the story is turned on its head is more appealing to me than one where everything goes as planned, to this degree I like scenes where the intent is to slide down someone's cock, pleasure them a lil and get let out later but I end up never being let out.

So what do I think about Cumgestion and why do I like it? Well i guess it's because I see Vore as being about getting intimate with someone to the extreme, I love the idea of cumgestion being seen as the ultimate token of intimacy with someone, trading your life for more pleasure than their brain can handle and I absolutely adore the dichotomy of being used up in a quick 30 seconds as they blow their load in the shower or something.
I think the contrasting themes of the prey giving or being used to attain this level of intimacy, literally giving their all and doing it all for the pred's pleasure and then being shot down the drain after a few seconds, forgotten about after a few days and the pred only really holding on the pleasure rather than the person who gave it is really just a wonderful way of ending something, building themes of tension and intimacy to a pinnacle and then it turns out it was mostly one sided after all.

Anyhow That'll do it for me, Hopefully this was more interesting and enlightening than what you may find elsewhere, still don't think this counts as a confession but I saw this site, saw other vore confessions and thought it looked like fun.

Oh, Because there a general stereotype that all furries and everyone into vore are guys I feel like I should dispel that too~

Also on a side note the Captcha on this site is awful and I hate that I have to keep setting the category every time I 'get it wrong'
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That's pretty detailed , i still don't get how you role play being eaten. Do you sit there while someone it pretending to chew you? And then what does the person being eaten act out? Like they are in pain?
anonymous 1 month ago
You're thinking of this in too much of a realistic sense but I do appreciate that you're asking a real question, thank you for that.

The vore community is an online creative community which takes the form of creating art, videos, animations and recently ASMR, it's not really a fetish which is achievable in the real world at all and in its best incarnation would be akin to talking dirty.

In terms of roleplays what you'd be thinking about would be more akin to sexting, where it's by text and essentially two people trying to make some kind of lewd story between them where this sort of thing happens.

And as for pain I touched on this briefly in my initial post but Vore is not realistic, 90% of the time no pain will be included at all and it may even be counted as a pleasurable experience, generally speaking chewing is not involved in vore either it's swallowing someone whole. However there is a type of vore where this sort of thing does occur, that's called "Hard Vore" which includes themes of bloodplay, chewing and a lot of the time torture play but most people consider that a hybrid genre of vore because in reality it's descended from the hybridization of BDSM, Vore, Fear Play, Bad End and Pain play fetishes with themes of restrictive movement and being dominated to a much greater extent than normal vore, even to the mental extent of a pred taunting and teasing the prey into submission, using their superior strength to control the prey. This is akin to some forms of BDSM
The Fear Play is rather obvious, the prey is afraid of being eaten.
Bad End fetish is an interesting one but it's basically an idea where lewdness leads to a bad situation for the people being lewd, like becoming sex slaves or losing friends. In this case it's becoming food. And finally Pain play because this represents the ability to roleplay things that you just can't or wouldn't want to in real life.

Like I'm sure you've heard of people who derive sexual pleasure from pain. This is the same thing but it's an extreme where it allows those people to live out the idea of much larger extents of pain and punishment for pleasure.

So thanks to the fact that Hard vore is essentially only vore because someone is being eaten but carries the themes of a menagerie of different fetishes a lot of people don't actually consider it vore, like... how a lot of people don't consider a hovercraft a type of boat despite how it was originally marketed as the boat of the future.

Hopefully that answers the question ^-^
Original Poster 1 month ago
Yep that answers it. Thanks!
anonymous 1 month ago
No worries, if you have any more questions don't be afraid to ask.
Original Poster 1 month ago
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