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I just cheated on my husband and I feel terrible

I just cheated on my husband and I feel terrible

For some background, my husband and I have been married for 38 years and we have been completely happy. We raised four children together and he has been an amazing dad, provider, and husband. I love him dearly,

We have not had sex for almost two years now. My husband was injured at work and spent four months in the hospital. He is home now and back to work modified duty. He is on a lot of medications and a side effect of one is loss of all libido and inability to get an erection due to nerve damage during multiple surgeries. He is extremely fortunate to have survived.

I know he still loves me and I don't want to betray him but tonight my husband was in bed due to pain and taking pain meds while an old friend of his was over to check on him, They used to work together on the same squad and were close, so he comes by often. When he comes over he always sits with me and asks how I am doing with all this. I have started feeling arousal toward this other man.

Tonight was different. Rob took me out for a nice dinner. I dressed up in a cocktail dress and heels just like I used to do for Fred when he would take me out. I felt so sexy and free. We danced and talked and I felt a connection to Rob. When we returned home Rob pulled in front of the house and we continued to talk, about Fred, about life, and our future. Fred, my husband, has to go to work on a handicapped van, he can't drive, and he can't get back into a patrol car, He sits at a desk listening to phone calls now, which he hates.

After talking I wanted companionship and I kissed Rob. Things got pretty steamy very fast and we went inside to one of the basement bedrooms and I fucked my husband's best friend and partner. It was amazing. It was the first time I had felt the touch of a man in so long. When he entered me, I could not help myself but enjoy the sensations.

I am still sitting out in the living room on the main floor. My husband is sleeping in the other room nearby. I want to tell him, but I don't want to hurt him. I am so confused right now. I know it was wrong and a betrayal but I also want to feel Rob inside me again.
Rita Sex May 13, 2021 at 12:46 am 0
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Never ever tell him. It won’t help. Go see your minister or a counselor. My advice to you is don’t do it again but that is entirely up to you.
Susan 1 month ago
May be having sex with this man will bring you peace and you can endure the situation better and care for your husband with renewed energy.
monika 1 month ago
A good husband wants his wife sexually satisfied and well fucked even if he can't do it himself.

A good wife sits on her husbands face and shares all the details with him so he can reclaim her with his tongue while allowing her to continue cuckold him when ever she wants. That is love personified trusting each other and embracing a variety of sex. Have fun!!!!
Kaching 1 month ago
I cheat on my husband whenever he's away. My lover is my 13-year-old son. He can fuck me 4 or 5 times a night. My husband fucks me only twice a week
Gwen 3 weeks ago
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