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I hooked up with a guy from a bar last Saturday. He was hung like nobody I have ever seen. I mean fricking huge. He hung down half way to his knees when it was soft. He must have been over two feet long when it was hard. Not super big around but damn it was long. It was like fucking a damn stud horse. I couldn’t begin to get him all in me. I doubt I got half of him in before he was hitting my vaginal vault wall. I am 5’9” and he filled me up big time.
Jan Sex September 22, 2020 at 6:12 pm 0
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Was it good or painful?
jim 4 weeks ago
Have you ever been fucked with a baseball bat???? Not that bad actually but I would classify it as more pain than pleasure. He wasn’t trying to hurt me he was just to damn big to make it enjoyable. Honest to God !!! He was all of 2 feet long. I can only tell you that I have seen a lot of guys and he was the biggest by far.
Jan 4 weeks ago
Were you able to guide him into your cervix for added pleasure?
MauiMan 4 weeks ago
I was worried he he would ram that long thing into me and tear something up. I was going take it easy take it slow I can’t take all of you inside me. Be easy.
Jan 4 weeks ago
It seems that he was understanding. You could also back up.
jim 4 weeks ago
Yes, when penetrating and fucking the cervix the guy has to be gentle at first while easing it in and allow cervix to stretch and adjust, then the fucking can begin!
MauiMan 4 weeks ago
A partner with a big dick is a woman’s nightmare not her dream. Take it from someone that has lived thru the nightmare
Cindy 3 weeks ago
Gives us all the details about it PLEASE !!!
Don 3 weeks ago
Not many details. My ex was huge in the penis department. He claims he is 20 inches long. I never measured him. He hurt me repeatedly, most of the time by accident because he was just turned on and forgot. When he started fucking around on me I kicked him to the curb. If you fuck a guy and bleed for two days afterward it’s no fun. He hurt me real bad doing oral when he crammed my head down on it. I had to have stitches in the back part of my mouth. My BF is Much smaller and a lot more fun.
Cindy 3 weeks ago
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