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How it begins

How it begins

My feelings are something that I don’t often express to those around me. This is about how I feel and react when a guy is attracted to me and I to him.
1. I feel a tightening of my jaw muscles and a tingling in the back of my throat.
2.My heart rate increases slightly and my capillaries expand.
3. When he touches my hand an electrical charge runs up my arm into my body and down my spine.
4. When he kisses me that tingling sensation moves from my throat to my spine and down my body.
5.When he slips his tongue into my mouth my whole body relaxes and I feel a building sense of desire.
6. When he runs his hands over my body I can feel the wetness between my legs increase.
7. When he slips his hands under my blouse I can feel my nipples respond to his touch
8. When he touches my pussy my body tenses in anticipation and my breath catches in my throat
9. When he slips his fingers inside me I arch my back and feel that electric shock go thru my entire body
10. When he enters me with his erect penis my first impulse is to moan and thrust up against his body.
That is how it is for me.
Barb Sex June 05, 2021 at 2:57 pm 1
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I will respond to your post later this evening……But in the mean time why did you pass on your date opportunity?

Hunter 2 months ago
A couple of reasons beyond the obvious not enough notice to get ready. I am not one to sit around the house on the weekend with my makeup on and my hair done. It takes time to get this face and body ready to meet people.
He wanted to grab a burger at a sports bar then go to a club he frequents. I didn’t feel like being his arm candy at a club I don’t like very well.
He is kind of a liberal poor me type and not someone I am attracted to generally.
Beside I am saving myself for this stud in Michigan that is trying to win me over to the wild side of life.
Barb 2 months ago
What type are you generally attracted to?

I will respond to your post I haven’t forgotten.
Hunter 2 months ago
What Type??? Most generally Single Heterosexual Males but I am trying to broaden my horizons under your mentor ship. Actually I like the strong silent type with conservative leanings and high**** worth. Mostly just a nice guy with a good smile and a flat stomach. I like a calm guy with a sense of humor that can kiss.
Barb 2 months ago
Hunter. In all honesty I judge a guy more by how he treats people. I like a well built guy with sexy eyes and a cute smile. If he is rich it helps a lot LOL
Barb 2 months ago
Ms. Barb,
Regarding your post…… First it was very good, I am glad you shared it with me and you opened up! Very descriptive, the initial touch or feeling that you get from some one that you are attracted to can be euphoric and a rush, it is such a great feeling.

Your description of the type of guy…..not that you inquired but I will chime in. “I like women”. Am I Strong….. well I workout with a guy that ways 50 pounds more than me and I out lift him in 80 percent of the lifts, the other lifts we are even. Do I have a flat stomach, Yes. As you may have already picked up I am a conservative! I don’t need to be the center of attention in a room Alpha male loud mouths types just make me laugh. I am not hideous looking, love to laugh and have a good time. Do I have a sense of humor? I think you can answer that question from my writings.

As for rich… depends on what you consider rich I have no debt, everything I own is paid for, as for money in the bank yes I have money in the bank…..

Let’s play over, under pass game.
You can ask me any question nothing will offend me and of vice verse I may ask you questions.
Example: It’s my**** worth overxxxx? I will respond by saying over under or pass.

I will start….
If you dated a guy for a potential serious relationship He couldn’t be older than you by 1) 10 years, 2) 15 years, 3) 20 years.
Same question as above except not a serious relationship 1) 10 years 2) 15years 3) 20 years.

Get the picture….Feel free to ask any question.

Hunter 2 months ago
The**** was supposed to be**** worth
Hunter 2 months ago
Hunter 2 months ago
Oh this is going to be fun!!!! Over under pass. Your words not mine…. You eluded
to your ass not being were you would like it! Is it less than one axe handle wide?
If I set the line at 38”?
You mentioned your weight and from our conversations you are 5’ 9” tall and since you stated you weigh less then me and you lost 11 pounds your max weight is 159 lbs. I will set the line at 149 lbs.

You lost your virginity at 16 that gives you ten years of having sex the number of partners that you have had I will set the line at 8?

Over under pass-:) on all the above?

Hunter 2 months ago
Where to start???
I am in fact getting slimmer I have lost 12 pounds as of this morning. Really working on being better to my body. So here goes with all the pertinent info. I am just a little under 5’9” tall. My weight right now is work in progress but my goal is to be 145 Lbs by July. I would like to be 135-140 by the end of the summer. I am not huge but I could be more sculpted than I am right now. I am a 34 C on top and my hips are 37 right now. My waist is my main focus and right now it is 26 1/2.
As for guys ages. I doubt I would be interested in any one 10 years my senior or older. I am told I am to critical of guys by friends so maybe I am just a bitch about age as well.
As for sex I lost it at 16. Had a few flings in high school and a lot more in college and a few since Grad School. So 8 is low.
Long term relationship is another story. If it is the right guy then age pro would not matter as much. You have to get past the initial attraction stages before the other stuff comes into play.
Now remember one more thing for me.

Barb 2 months ago
Check out your post !!!
Barb 2 months ago
The items that you told me to remember was addressed. Clearance was issued you might want to look.
Hunter 2 months ago
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