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Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera

Many years ago when my wife was 40she was going through a tough time . Trying a career change that didn’t work out. Turning 40 was hard on her even though she’s a very attractive, slim , fit, hard body lady. One day she came home saying she wanted to separate. That she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be married anymore and just wanted time to think about her life and where she wanted to be at this point in her life.

Well of course I was devastating but I couldn’t force her to stay. She found a place not far from our home. A very nice 1 bedroom apartment . She could qualify by herself for it so I ended up paying her full 6 months rent contract up front. To be clear the apartment was in my name.

A friend of mine helped me move stuff in for her. He thought I was nuts for getting her the apartment. Any way he was a tech guy and he convinced me to set up some hidden video cameras . One in the bedroom , two in the living room and kitchen area. I caved and said ok. I felt bad at first but not not sure why I went with it. I guess I wasn’t think clear during that time also.

So be fore this , my wife and I had played doing threesomes at times but not regular at at. SO…. we agreed that we could go out with other people but not have sex until we divorced if we chose to go that way.

So one evening I got a notice she was home. I knew she had a date because she was dressed for sex when she left the apartment. To my surprise on the video I saw a guy enter and sit on the couch with her. Only a kitchen light and the big screen tv was on with the volume turned down. That sat close and talked a bit. Then I noticed the guy put his hand on her leg and make his way up her skirt. She jumped I guess when he found her pussy and pushed his hand out saying I can’t . He leaned in and kissed her and doing so moved his hand back up her skirt. This time he was home. She moaned and lifted her hip. He pushed deeper in her skirt and was now finger fucking her.

This went on a good time until he had her cumin. Once that happened it was on. Clothing came off and he was getting his cock sucked. He later stoped her and pulled her on top of him and I watched her grab his cock and guided his cock to her entrance and lowered herself down on him. I watched on video has his cock disappeared all the way in her pussy. She road him a good 5 minutes before I watched him thrust up with his hips and cry out he was cumin. She took his cum deep her pussy.

After words the talked more and after a couple of hours they were at it again . This time we went down on her sucking oh her pussy making her cum again. Then he bent her over and doggy fucked her. He was very forceful slapping hard against her her. I couldn’t believe the pounding her pussy was getting. She cried out for him to cum and shoot inside her. Once again this guy filled my wife’s pussy. He finally left.

A couple of weeks later she brought home a guy we both knew but were not that close of friends with. This time the action happened in the bedroom. I watched him suck , finger, and lick her pussy till she came. The he went straight for it. He spread her legs and entered her pussy with a purpose. He went right to fucking her. This guy had staying power. He pumped at her for a long time. She would just moan and cry out. Then he pulled out , turned her over and tried to fuck her ass. She resisted so he went back to her pussy. Along the way he tried 2 more times pulling out teasing her ass hole but when he would try to enter she would resist. He finally made her cum again fucking her doggy style . As her body shook from the immense orgasm he took the opportunity to pull out and try again at her ass. But this time there was no teasing. He thrusted at her ass entrance and before she could stop it he had about 2 inches of his cock in her ass. She squirmed but couldn’t do much because she was still shaking . She cried out 0MG FUCK ! He then drove deeper in her ass and holding it their. She now laid flat on the bed as he slowly pumped her ass. After a minute or 2 he short his cum deep in her ass. The both cleaned up in the shower guess…
that I couldn’t see. But after being in the bathroom some time they came out fucking again. He fucked her 3 times that night cumin in her pussy twice.
She ended up fucked a few more guys letting each guy shoot in her pussy or in her mouth swallowing their cum. The youngest guy to fuck her from what I could tell was in his 20s. And he fucked her hard and fast. It was the hardest pussy pounding I have ever seen. He fucked her several times through the night and in the morning he bent her over the kitchen table and gave her a good goodbye fuck.

We Finally got back together after she was out one night and saw me at a restaurant with a very attractive girl. The next day she called wanting to go out with me. We ended back at the apartment and I fucked her all night. And I have it on video :) After that date she moved back into the house and we have been together ever since.

Yes she now knows about the video cameras. She was shock and embarrassed at first because the deal we made but ever now and then we watch them to set the mood. And yes…. At the time I would jack off as I watched her get fucked on video.
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When you had threesomes, it was with a guy or a girl? How many guys did she had while you were separate? DId you have some pussy in the meantime? Did you have children?
hermenegildo 1 month ago
Have you ever fucked her in the ass? do you want to?
greg 1 month ago
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