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He s is older married and a dad

He s is older married and a dad

I always had a thing for a guy with tan skin, brunette hair, green or blue eyes, somebody not too tall, perhaps 5.10 feet, somebody “younger” or my age (25).

But now I am head over heals with a “42” years old guy. Who is “17” years elder to me, who is SO not my type. But here He is, a white European guy, with a “blonde” hair that’s out of the world unique blonde. A shade I cannot describe. Maybe “sand” blonde. His hair so much complements his “toffy” colored eyes. So unique cuz it’s not hazel nor chocolate.
Somebody who’s a full on health freak, with great physique, which makes him look younger than his age.

He is pasttt 6 ft tall, yet our hands fit so well when we walk together.

And to top it off, he’s married and has a 3 year old daughter. Last but not the least: HE IS MY BOSS.

At first, I played hard to get because I didn’t want him to get hold of me at all. He being my boss didn’t impress me much. I was the rebel. The feisty one. But as days passed, I had hard time staying away from him. I knew he’s older, somebody I could never go for, but his charm, how smartly he carried himself, his intellect started to break the walls I built between he and I.

He connected to me in a deeper level. He knew in order to stimulate my body he had to first stimulate my mind, which the guys in the past failed to do so. They only wanted to stimulate my body, yet they failed to give me an orgasm. I slowly started to believe I am anorgasmic.

After having multiple late night talks post dinner, I finally decided go over to his place. That night after watching a movie and a couple glasses of wine down our bloodstreams.... we did it.

And I exploded.

I was so mistaken for believing I was anorgasmic.

Since that night I just couldn’t get enough of him. After a few more sessions, I began to go under transformation. A person who wasn’t much sexually experienced became his darkest fantasy. He unleashed the animal in me I never thought it existed. I became such a nympho.

I bet we had the wildest sex in the entire neighborhood, because their complaints seemed to prove it.

When things were going so magical, I learnt he was married and had a daughter. I felt terrible. I even went over to his place to end it. But the moment I stepped onto his porch, I couldn’t resist him. This immense amount of shamelessness came gushing over me and I just couldn’t end things with him.

My needs became greater than my sin. I became greedy about the amount of pleasure he sent throughout my body. Because I started to believe NOBODY COMPARES TO HIM. That nobody can touch me like he would. That no other guy would put my pleasure before his. That no guy would make me hit that intense climax.

So here we are, still having the wildest sex, living our wildest fantasies.

I do feel sorry for his wife and I silently apologize to his lil daughter every time she comes visits him. Even though I am hurting her and she’s oblivious to it, I love her as my own. My love for his daughter is genuine, I’d do anything for her but I just cannot give him up.
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How can you have sex so much with him? where is his wife? is he separated?
bobby 2 months ago
You do know this relationship will never go farther than what it is now don't you?
anonymous 2 months ago
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