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He Confessed

He Confessed

My girlfriend and I moved to a new city to start a new job. But she was the only one who found one in our industry as a reporter. I found a job as a waiter. She worked at the daily paper for about two years and had an irregular schedule since she had to go when news was happening.

To give you a visual, she’s about 5’6", weighs about 118 pounds with long legs like a dancer since she’s been doing it since childhood. She wears a 32B bra with light red hair down to her shoulders.

About six months after she had left the job, he happened to go into the restaurant that I was working at and saw me. He said he wanted to talk to me about some thing that has been weighing on his mind.

He said during the time she was working there, they had had sex at least three times. It was always late when it was just the two of them still at the office. He apologized and said he felt badly about it. But the truth was I was getting hard the more he told me. I told him I didn’t believe him and he proceeded to describe her bra and panties to me every time they fucked.

He even told her that he liked her in skirts and dresses at the office, and I recall she did indeed go shopping for more of those about a year into the new job. He told me he never planned on it to happen, but after an evening mixer they went to, they started flirting with one another and made out in his office. He said things progressed to him taking her pants off and going down on her.

He knew she was completely shaved and new exactly what she sounds like when she orgasms. I didn’t need any more proof and I asked for details. He was surprised that I had wanted to know, but he said the last time they hooked up, she left her underwear in his car.

I was completely shocked but I was actually getting turned on by all of this, but something compelled me to tell him that I wasn’t mad. After I let it sink in for a couple of days, I had wondered if she had cheated on me before.

I asked him what he did with her panties, and she wanted him to keep them so he could get hard just thinking that she went home naked under her dress. As soon as he told me all of this, I couldn’t help but jerk off. He sent me a text message with them balled up in his hand and I still have it to this day. She doesn’t know that he confessed to the whole thing.
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Hot. Was her boss a tall guy? Did he ever fuck her in his office with her been over the desk skirt up and panties down?

Did she get any promotions or better work out of it? Why did she quit that job?
Will 2 months ago
He was about 6'2" with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. You could say he was in good shape. The first time was in his office, the second was at his house and the last time was in his car. She didn't stay long enough to get any promotions, but they went to lunch many times.
anonymous 2 months ago
What do you plan doing about it? Will you tell her? Will you stay with her? You know she might cheat again
bobby 2 months ago
I think you should ask for her panties, and then write her a note and ask her if she was missing these, if she asks where did they come from just say a guilty guy returned them, then tell her to go but them on and take her out to dinner and tell her to take them off just like you did before!

My wife went away for the weekend and didn’t know that I suspect something, I went to her sexy lingerie drawer and some outfits were missing. As soon as she got home she took them out of her bag and put them in her drawer. I immediately went to the drawer and found them and called her out. Her explanation was she just wanted to get away and have some sexy play time and masturbate with the outfits on. I knew she was lying, so I made her prove It and threw the sexy outfits at her and told her to put them on and show me how she enjoyed playing with herself. I then grabbed her dildo and said don’t stop Fuck this dildo while I watch you, she knew if she didn’t that I would walk! I make her do this once a week and tell it turns me to think she was all by herself having a masturbation party with cute little panties and thigh highs, and spike heels prancing around, and fingering herself and stuffing a dildo in her pussy!
I am sure she does it out of guilt!
Anonymous 2 months ago
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