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Hard at work

Hard at work

I worked with a tall brunette grad student at my last job and bonded with her very quickly. She was a field hockey player in high school and had the sexy thighs to show for it. Although she was a bit of a tomboy, she had this one cotton sundress that buttoned in the front and came to her mid thigh. I couldn't help but check out her ass and legs when she walked in to the office since she normally put on jeans and a nice shirt.

Since we had downtime occasionally, I would go and sit at the wide windowsill across from her cubicle which was low enough to make me eye level to her desk when sitting down. She was facing away from me looking at her computer but I noticed she sat very comfortable with her knees apart like she was still in jeans. When she swiveled around to chat it was amazing. I don't know if it was that she wasn't used to sitting like a lady or automatically crossing her legs in a dress, but I was at the perfect angle to see the triangle of white, cotton panties under her dress. Her legs spread slight wider enough to see the thin white of her panties panties above her thighs.

I must have locked into it immediately, because she slowly closed her legs without adjusting her dress that rode up from facing her computer. She looked at me with shock and embarrassed little smile. I thought I was in trouble until she asked in a whisper if I was looking up her dress. At this point was a so hard and tried to hide it. It must have been fairly plain as she looked at my dick and went into a devilish smile. She texted me asking if she made me hard. I texted back yes. She replied with "I didn't even know you liked me that way."

She got more serious and peaked out of her cubicle to see if anyone was coming and sat back down and started to open her legs until again I saw her underwear. I don't know if it's just because something so private for a woman or the danger, maybe it's something about simple cotton panties. But I was about to burst as she continued to let me look with her staring at my crotch. She lifted the front of her dress high enough for me to see the top her panty line. She then turned away to face her screen and looked back every few seconds or so to let me know she was sitting with her legs as open as if she wore pants. Eventually I got up and returned to my desk and she texted later on that I needed to go jerk off in the bathroom thinking about her. It was so fucking hot to me that she was being insulting about what had just happened.

Every time after that when she wore that skirt, I got a free show.

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I'm addicted to upskirt panty views too. And camel toe swim suit display.
Of course I masturbate amazing the up close sight of delicious panties and the wonderful scent of aroused female.
anonymous 2 months ago
If she was pissed that you were looking, that’s one thing. But if she was playing with you by flashing her underwear, she must have have been just as turned on. The fact she kept showing you means you could have gone a whole lot further with her in the bathroom.
anonymous 2 months ago
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