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Halloween surprise

Halloween surprise

Some weeks ago, my girlfriend started running and exercising and I noticed she started looking even more toned and slender as she always does. Even her boobs looked great (she’s a large B cup). So for Halloween, she wanted to go as something sexy.

We bought tickets to a party on Saturday and she ordered a costume. When it came in, she tried it on and it’s supposed to be a 90s pop star a la Brittney Spears.

The top was a bright blue butterfly sequins thing that was completely backless and only stayed on by tying it in a single knot and the skirt was silver sequins but was only 12 1/2 inches long. She admitted the top was more revealing than she though after looking at it online and the outer portion of her breast were slightly visible. She said it wasn’t too bad since her bikinis did the same thing.

She said as long as they couldn’t see her nipples, some boob was fine.

She bought fishnet pantyhose for the party but found out they were just thigh higher that didn’t even come up to bottom of the skirt.

This is where she took it to another level. She asked if we could aliases and she could be “Jenny” and I could be her friend taking her to a party. We could flirt with one another and spark up something at the end of the night. I thought it was hot so I said yes.

The Lyft got there to pick us up and I got in first, so she sat In the back seat the driver can see when he turns around. Discussing where we were going and chatting with the driver, she introduced me as her friend. She uncrossed her legs and opened them about half a foot wide.

The driver turned around to skate her hand and let his eye drift to the tiny, purple, panties she had on that I could see glimpses of occasionally now. I tapped her leg to get her to close her knees, but she only looked annoyed and kept giggling with the driver and ignoring me with her knees still a flashing distance apart.

The first thing “Jenny” did was hit the bar and start talking to four tall, handsome guys dressed the gang in Clockwork Orange. Again, she said I was a friend and did a shot with them. I was angry and texted her that this was too far.

“Well you have to come and get me,” she texted back. By now I lost track of them and found them all dancing. I went up to them and started trying to dance with her when one of the guys told me she had enough dance partners and that they would make sure we wasn’t alone.

I texted her again about 45 minutes later saying this was stopping now and got a response from someone on her phone telling me “she’s having a good time. Leave her alone.”

Finally I found them in the VIP area with her sitting on one of their laps. “Jenny” was visibly drunk and taking selfies. They saw me coming and started telling my how my friend was wild. Soon I got a photo of her dancing with the back of her skirt pulled up and her purple thong surrounded by them pointing at her ass. Another came in of her costume top pulled to side to see one of her breasts.

I just left to get a drink because I didn’t know what to do. By the end of the night as I was catching my Lyft, I saw that she was alone again. Her thigh highs we’re gone and her breasts looked hastily tucked back in her top. On the way home, she said she had been touched all night.

That made me so hard thinking about her being so free and we had better sex than ever. The more she said about how much she let them do and that she let them finger her, the harder I fucked her.

Finally as she was about to cum, she yelled “I fucked Kyle and Danny in the bathroom! I let them fuck me!”

We came together harder than I can remember. Just thinking how “Jenny” was fucked three times in a night awoke something in me.

We’ve talked about her alter ego going out again, but it hasn’t happened yet.
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It'll be even hotter when you two are married. She'll bring home creampies deposited roughly by large men in bar bathrooms and bar alleyways. You can "clean" her up afterwards!
William 2 months ago
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