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Guilt Feelings

Guilt Feelings

My boss frequently travels for a couple of weeks at a time, and I accompany him on many of his trips. A few months ago we began having sex. He is married, so I feel kind of guilty about the intimacy. However, I have a couple of girlfriends who essentially say, "Why not? If not you, he'll find someone else. And besides, you aren't going to make him get divorced so you can marry him, so you aren't wrecking his marriage."

But I have mixed feelings. The job is good and the sex is good too.

Heather Sex May 27, 2019 at 4:32 pm 3
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Try not to think too much. Have as much sex as possible. Life is so short, specially sex life...
jim 2 months ago
Maybe there is nothing to feel guilty about perhaps the wife wouldnt even care. Go ask her.
anonymous 2 months ago
A good cock or cunt is something that must never be missed. You are not hurting anyone. Just have fun. Not everyone gets such opportunities. Live all your sexual fantasies. You will enjoy good cock and get ahead in your career. Where's the harm?
Pussylover 2 months ago
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