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Oh Holly is it true? Have you passed away before we could meet again? So very many years we lost touch and finally found each other. You changed my life and re-connecting with you made me so happy. The projects you suggested would have been amazing. This world isn't worth living on anymore. I know your pain and your losses this last two years. I hope your collections and cats are cared for and loved. The world has lost so much without you. I'm tired of the pain and struggle to survive with nothing to be happy for in the future. Perhaps it's time to stop trying to survive. I will miss you forever Holly. I've prayed friends would welcome you to the next world, so you're in better company than I am anymore. Nobody cares about me here, I'm just to be used and screwed under. I don't want to be alive anymore. Bless you my lost friend.
Marshmellow Other June 29, 2020 at 8:38 am 0
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You will eventually join Holly but it is not for us to decide when....try to live ne day at the works for me...
Hermenegildo 2 weeks ago
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