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Friend s Son

Friend s Son

I'm a divorced woman, late 30's. A friend of mine has a son who is now 17.

Her son would often do 'odd-jobs' for me. Grass mowing, painting, helping me move things, etc. Anyway, a few months ago we started talking about his girlfriend. They are sexually active with each other, but he admitted that she didn't give good oral and, in fact, he could not climax when she tried to get him off orally.

Without really thinking about it, I got down in front of him, unzipped his pants, and started to suck him off. Oral is something I enjoy and I think I'm pretty good at it. Sure enough, within a short time he was climaxing into my mouth. After I swallowed (I always swallow) I smiled and asked him how he enjoyed it----because I certainly enjoyed it. He said it was *awesome*. A couple of hours later I did it again! He lasted a little longer, but it was a great experience for both of us.

When he left to go home I French-kissed him and told him I would be happy to satisfy him any time. And I would say that 2-3 times per week he finds his way to my house. Sometimes for only 20 minutes, sometimes for a few hours.

Let me say I think I would like to have intercourse with him. We haven't, but I'm very tempted.
Marsha Sex March 08, 2019 at 11:21 am 0
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Like you I have been with a young man in his late 30s but extremely innovative in sex. In my early 40s and divorced I am still sexually active - very much and have couple of bfs. But this one I like most - he spends hours in foreplay on mostly weekends. I go on without bra and panties and he bare-chested in his boxer showing off his hard-on. This tuns me on. We kiss and he fondles my boobs off and on for almost who;e day, and we wait for the night. By then I am sloppy wet down there. Soon after having a light dinner with red wine we roam around naked and lots of touching, hugging and cuddling go on. He won;t fuck me right away - the delay makes me almost mad. His favorite was to insert a bar of chocolate into my pussy and he will retrieve it slowly with his mouth while sucking (virtually eating) my pussy. I reach couple of orgasms!!!
chudo 2 months ago
Wast no time in fucking that guy!!
jim 2 months ago
Jim: Never ever wasted time -- we fuck almost every weekend almost for several hours and orgasms. Following couple days I am almost sore down there. BUT still want more and more ...
chudo 2 months ago
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Marcus 2 months ago
Marsha fuck that boy asap....
bob 2 months ago
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