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Flashing the room

Flashing the room

About a week before we were all sent to work from home some months ago, my wife and I had a party where she invited some people from work including her boss.

We were cool with him and as he continued to drink throughout the night, he got funnier as he got drunk. About 15 people were still there when my wife, who still has a great body since she still works out three or four times a week, was buzzed enough to start dancing to cheesy hair metal someone put on. We she accidentally bent over in front of her boss, he just laughed and lifted the back of her loose black and white skirt she had on that came a couple of inches above her knee.

He just laughed as she didn’t immediately realize we were all looking at her tiny white cotton panties. She blushed and just laughed before finally lowering her skirt.
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Careful with the boss..
bob 7 months ago
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