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First anal experience

First anal experience

I was on a night out and got super drunk. After me and a few of my buddies went back to a friends parents house who were not there, we kept drinking. There were a couple guys I only met that night who were there as well (one called Andrew). It was a great night, had some good laughs. When I stumbled on to bed I could barely get my clothes off. Andrew who I met that night followed me in and tried waking me up as he was still partying and everyone else went to bed. Might I add this house is huge by the way, at least 8-10 bedrooms in it I was laying face down halfway on the bed, awake I just wanted to sleep so chose to ignore him. All of a sudden I felt his hand go up between my legs, him trying to joke around and say "stop going to sleep, let's keep going." I didn't respond, but about 10 minutes later I hear him unzipping his pants and playing with himself. Next thing his hands on my ass. I didn't know whether to laugh or be like 'what the fuck.' Next he begins budging me to see if I'm awake, I still ignore him. Then this is when it got serious, he started slowly unzipping my trousers, and pulling my underwear down to my thighs. I got really turned on, and I've never had any gay tendency's before. But I still pretended to be drunk asleep. I hear him rush to the en-suite bathroom and come back. All of a sudden his fingers are rubbing my asshole with this really cold liquid, it must have been body wash or something. Then I knew exactly what he was about to do. I felt him come right up behind me, pull my hips up where they are now hanging over the bed. His cock I felt dangling on my ass whilst he was moving me. Then it must have been the most euphoric sensation I have ever experienced, his cock must have been 7 inches up my ass and he started off slow. As he was speeding up I was groaning and then he began pumping my brains out. I heard him whisper in my ear during it saying "there's nothing you're gonna say now, you're not gonna tell anyone you got bent over and fucked in the ass are you?" I was loving it but still pretending to be half asleep. It all went pretty quickly because I then felt him bury his cock as deep as he could in my ass and give a long manly groan, yes he came inside of me. Can I just say he must have bucket loads because after he left and I was in bed I could feel and smell his cum dripping out of me constantly. I woke up the next morning, Andrew already left. This was one of the best nights I've ever had but I haven't had a gay experience since. Does this make me gay or was it just the booze making me submissive like that?
Toby Sex June 14, 2022 at 7:11 am 0
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Hi Toby,
As A guy that usually is very careful when drinking, I have gotten drunk at some some questionable things. Long story short I also pretended I was out cold. I could feel the guy un zip my pants and slid them off I pretended to resist, keep in mind I like wearing sexy bottoms on party nights and was wearing a thong, which appeared that I might be bi. The more that resisted the more he joked that you know I want to play. He got forced and pulled my thong down and my cock was rock hard. Again I pretend to resist but let him do whatever he wanted to he rolled me on my stomach and fucked me slow at first although while I said stop. He then fucked me harder until he came I then grabbed my cock like I was still out of it jerked off. we both came. To this day I love being man handled.
Tristan 12 months ago
I love anal
deni 12 months ago
Please tell some of your most memorable experiences. Love to hear them?
Tristan 12 months ago
To have s dick up your ass does not mean your are gay. Sometimes when my girls blows me She insert one or two fingres up my ass and I enjoy it. I suppose is prostate stimulation. Maybe I could try a friends dick just out of curiosity
wilfred 12 months ago
How old are you? Do you have a girlfriend? If yes, did you tell her that you were fucked by a guy?
richard 11 months ago
I have been married for 15 years. Never entered my wife ass hole because she is afraid my dick is big. She says a friends of ours has a small dick (so said his wife who is friend of my wife) and she could try with him and afterwards when she is comfortable I could try with my dick. May be I can also try having his dick in my asshole
Tom 11 months ago
Not gay necessarily. Booze makes you more submissive and more alpha guys more aggressive. You fell into a role because the stronger guy owned the frame. Back in college I had an acquaintance who was pretty beta but he had a hot girlfriend I thought he didn’t deserve. I was single and bitter. We were drunk one night and I was feeling over the top. I was being belligerent and instead of calling me out, he became more submissive and apologetic, cried at one point. I kept on and escalated to headlock, shoving, generally bullying. I lied and told him I fucked his girl. At some point he went in the bathroom. I followed and grabbed his hair and forced him to the floor. Yanked his basketball shorts down, undid my pants. There was some shower gel on the edge of the tub. I lubed up, squirted some around his ass and fucked him. He was kind of soft so not too different than doing a girl. I nutted in him and went back to the living room. He laid there for a bit then I glimpsed him jerking off so I know it affected him. For me it was more about conquest
Jay 11 months ago
The first time I was fucked, the man and his wife took time fingering and lubing me. I loved it from the very first time, and have been fucked by a lot more men over the years.
Ric 11 months ago
Taking Dick is a skill. You get that skill because among other thing you had the motive and opportunity to do so.

You were horny and drunk. And just didn't do any effort to stop him. That doesn't make you gay.

Same if you get payed for it.

Now, if you go look for it yourself, seek to get payed for it *just so yoi can say* it was for the money...

Yeah, then any thought about otiantation are actually reflecting the reality of it.

But if you at most just want your female partner to use a strap-on or just her fingers/fist...

No. Your prostate is just happy.

It also doesn't neccesarily makes you submissive. Thar tbought comes from the Greeks, actually.
They are the rest of their culture thought of Dick as a drug. Like Meth.

Once you got the skill to take it, you were addicted. As in, you will now submit to your top because he may deny you dick otherwise.

They also sayed about men with large cock they were animslistic brutes.

Because those men were a threat to those in power.


A large dick is addictive. I E. A dude with a bigger cock would steal your slaves loyalty.

Also, a guy with a big dick would be used to people agreeing with him, thus would never actually have to work on his brains.

So, to summarize, according to the Greeks:
*Men with large Cock are not to be trusted with decisions, because lifecis too easy for them because everybody want to fuck them, therefore, they never developed their mind, their Logos, thus are the clissesed adult men to animals.

**Dick is addictive, those who are addicted to it cannot be trusted with decisions. Any more than a meth-head.

***Dick is of course addictive because bottoming is far more fun.

Which is why women are the labidious sex.
Omy 5 months ago
Forgot, they decided that as Dick is addictive, it waa to be uses as the carrot of a master to his slave.

Which is the only real difference between the Greeks and modern homophobic consevatives, they just want it, not at all.

Personnaly, beyond porn, it's idiotic.

That you bottomed due to submitting, doesn't mean you submitted due to bottoming.

Nor are you now addicted to dick.

Sex addiction can be from both sides of the genatelia.

Omy 5 months ago
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