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Feels Great

Feels Great

My uncle Ted was a dumbass. Played the part of a big spender, but was getting weekly money from my grandmother to support his mistakes. Always had fancy cars, big house and expensive booze. His daughters ended up being a big mess, one is dead and the other had like 6 kids (yes, we know about the time you got pregnant by your father in law and gave the baby up for adoption). My grandmother worked hard and invested her whole life to get ahead and provide for her grandkids. I spent ALL my teenage summers doing her yard work, housework and whatever she needed at the drop of a hat while my cousins hated her and ignored her. Grandmother had put aside bonds and investments for each of her grandkids, but when she passed away there were literally NONE in my name. I found out over the years she had cashed them in to support my uncle and his kids stupid life choices. My mother did her best to sell off family properties from my father's side of the family to "Just give him a chance to get on his feet". She erased the history of that side of the family. I will erase those from her side of the family.They lost all their family photos years ago in some stupid move or another. The uncle died in 1994, and today I found BOXES of photos of their kids, family and their memories.

Guess what mother fuckers? I shredded each and every one of them. All those of my drug addicted, cheating cousin and her babies. All those endless baby photos of the other cousins kids. Uncle's wedding? Gone. Graduation photos for cousins and their kids? Gone. Photos of their houses and fancy cars over the years? Gone. Ex-aunt and her fancy political friends? Gone. I will erase every trace of them I find.

Fuck them.
AngryGator Revenge May 22, 2019 at 10:27 am 0
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I don't blame you.
anonymous 2 months ago
Me either. I'm sorry you had to end up related to fucktards like that. Every iota of revenge you bestow will be deserved!

This is why I have zero respect for people who think that because they have Nice Stuff, they're Better Than You. There's always a trainwreck story like this behind such losers, with enablers supporting them long after they should have ended up living under a bridge.
Zohan 2 months ago
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