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I finally got a new job last week after my previous job shut down because of the virus. My new boss is Randall who absolutely doesn't remember me and I never mentioned that I knew who he was. I'm 31 now but know for sure he is an old school mate's step father. I haven't seen or heard from Cheryl since I was about 16 but at the time we were close friends. My parents, siblings and I moved to the suburbs that year and although I spoke to Cheryl a few times we lost touch with one another. At 14 we were best friends and I was in her house often and would have sleep overs on weekends frequently. From about that time until I moved away he exposed himself most of the times I was at their house. Cheryl's mom was a waitress and worked a lot on Friday and Saturday nights. That's when he gave us a show most of the time but actually exposed himself when her mom was home also. If she was home he'd wear a robe or something but managed to have it open enough to see his genitals. If her mom was at work that's when we would see him naked. Cheryl told her mother about seeing him naked but Randall said it was an accident and he claimed he didn't know we were upstairs at the time. It got to were we liked seeing him naked because he was a hunk at the time, with a nice body and handsome. We spent lots of time in Cheryl's room and as long as her mom was at work Randall would leave his bedroom door open at least half way. He would lay in bed naked and fake it like he was sleeping but we knew he was awake. He'd go in and out of the bathroom nude and didn't even care if we saw him with a hard on.

He didn't just do this when I was there but other girls would sleep over sometimes. He had a white terry cloth bathrobe that was tied but never completely closed and roamed the house that way. We saw him with erections and he would scratch his balls or touch his penis knowing we could see him doing it. When he laid in bed naked he would always roll over in ways to expose himself and we often could even see his anus by the way he had his legs spread open. Some of those nights he would hold his penis but we never saw him masturbate and would only play with himself until he got hard. What was funny is when he would be downstairs in the robe talking to us with his genitals is full view. Sometimes Cheryl would tell him his robe was open and he would apologiize and say he didn't know it was which we knew was a lie. One day after school Cheryl, two other girls and I were talking about him and Cheryl asked us if she should tell her mom about it.. All three of us said no way let him keep doing it so we were pretty bad too. The way it is now with him being my boss I would like to know how Cheryl is doing and if he is still married to her mom. I take the train into work and have been thinking about telling him who I am. I'm married now but if he knew my maiden name he would surely remember who I am. He has all grey hair now but is still a good looking man and I'm not sure how he would react if he remembered me. I'm afraid to say anything to him and don't know how he would react knowing how often I saw him naked or saw him exposed so many times years ago. I think for now I'll keep quiet about it because he is the vice president of the company and I really need this job.
Brenda Body October 16, 2020 at 7:58 pm 0
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Yes keep quiet about it. You may contact Cheryl some other way.
jaime 2 months ago
Keep business professional and say nothing to him. Nothing good can come out of your current situation any other way
anonymous 1 month ago
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