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Dress up and masturbate

Dress up and masturbate

I am confessing this because of the quilt that I feel.....I never mind when my wife has to go out of town on a business trip..... It is my time to feel sexy and have some play time. This went from simple to pushing it further an further just to feel a greater rush.

My first time I slid on a pair of sexy lace panties It made me cock rock hard and I played with myself.

My next progression was sexy panties and thigh highs, then it progressed into garter belt mini skirt, and sexy bra. Each time the masturbation was more intense.

Next lingerie teddies and one piece sexy and lace made masturbating over the top.

I wanted to step out and not get I decided to I wear a one piece thong body suit it didn’t have any padding in the bra but it did have an underwire, I then put on a button up shirt and a a pair of my wife’s low raise tight jeans the shirt was long enough to cover my ass. I also wore thigh highs underneath the jeans.

I then went to a strip club and had a very hot girl give me a lap dance. I was so nervous to be caught, although I wanted her to bust me wearing the women’s sexy outfit. We chatted and I told her I love sexy outfits and lingerie perhaps a bit to much.

She ran her hands across my chest and felt the underwire bra on my bodysuit she looked at me and gave me the cutest smile. She reached behind my back and ran her hand down to my tail bone, and felt the thong bodysuit sticking out of my tight jeans, she again smiled and asked me if I was wearing a body suit. I confessed, she said it felt really nice and said she loved guys experience their feminine side and their was nothing to be embarrassed about and that she wouldn’t tell other dancers. It was obvious that my cock was rock hard, she grinded her pussy on it a few times to tease me. She then asked if she could see my body suit, I let her open my shirt and she saw my tight leopard skin one piece outfit, she ran her hands up and down my six pack stomach and felt my chest like I had female tits I almost came, she then grabbed the back of the thong and pulled it up and down to tease my ass. My jeans were extremely low so my cock was sticking above the waist line she kept brushing her hand across my cock the feel of the nylon body suit enhanced it. She said the body suit was getting her very horny she told me to lay back, she then straddled me and ran her pussy up and down my cock she made me cum and she was also shaking and breathing heavy and was moaning,’she said that was a first time she hump a guy in a bodysuit and made her have an orgasm.

Jessie Sex July 18, 2020 at 3:42 pm 2
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Hot crossdressing lingerie confession, I have been wearing sexy panties and thongs under my clothes when I go to work for the last four months. I prefer lace and silk I love the feeling. I recently had my monthly massage and wore sexy lace panties, the gal actually commented and said I am glad you are exploring your feminine side, why should women only wearing sexy bottoms, guys underwear is plan and boring.
Triston 2 years ago
This got me extremely horny! Couldn’t stop playing with myself.
Anonymous 2 years ago
Love sexy panties, thongs and dressing up to play! Your confession of masturbating and feeling sexy really got me hard and I admit I read your story a few times and I went to my panty drawer and slid a pair on and pleasured myself!

Triston 2 years ago
Love the lingerie confession, sounds like you enjoy masturbating while dressing up! I also liked to be watched in a safe environment, nude beaches, gay saunas, and crossdressing bars.
Jess 2 years ago
Lingerie panties and masturbation, this is also one of my favorite things to do, it gets me extremely horny getting dressed up and teasing my cock with sexy outfits. I will edge myself three or four times before I let myself cum. I then lick up my own a guy came in my mouth.
It took a few times for me to enjoy this but now I swallow with ease, it gets me hard again for round two, which consist of me using an anal toy slowly working it in my ass and bouncing up and down on it I love taking it in the ass.

Anon... 2 years ago
Really hot story thanks for sharing!
Anon… 1 month ago
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