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Blew my way out of trouble

Blew my way out of trouble

A few weeks ago I made some pore decisions at work, which endangered the project I was working on and therewith was endangering my job.

I called a former colleague (I had changed employer since) who might be able to help out. He came over to my place to catch up and I brought up some challenges I faced in my project. He was willing to think along a bit and I realised he could help me out.

As I'm working for a different company he suggested he could help out, but it should be discussed with his (and my former) boss. I did not have any budget for it and hiring someone to solve the problem was likely not a very smart career move.

I knew my colleague was single and noticed him checking me out in the past when I wore short skirts. I started to seduce him ending up in starting a blowjob. Along the way I asked him to get over the nights after as well to help me with my challenges, hinting what he would get in return.

He took the bait and helped me out in his spare time during a couple of nights and through the weekend. He enjoyed some extensive blowjobs and I saved my job. I was so grateful he saved my ass, I offered to be his for a whole saturday, which he gratefully took advantage of.

Pauline Sex November 11, 2020 at 4:10 pm 0
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Did you give him more than BJs? Pussy?
bobby 2 months ago
Only blowjobs until job done, the Saturday after he had my pussy as well, and we just had extensive sex. He did not use my ass, he didn't even ask for it.
Pauline 2 months ago
in high school, I helped a girl through chemistry class by helping her study. Also helped her cheat on test. The pay off for me was that I would help her for sex; I was a nerdy virgin. She agreed for giving me blow jobs. She gave me weekly BJs and eventually let me fuck her. She fucked me a few times. She also helped me develop dating and relationship skills.
Jim 2 months ago
Sometimes needs and talents match up... ;-) Never expected myself to use sex to get something I needed, but just happened given the circumstances and situation.
Pauline 2 months ago
What do you look like Pauline? Do you consider yourself attractive?
jim 2 months ago
Hi JIm, I have a slim body with a b-cup and dark blond hair. I was a popular girl in college and consider myself attractive indeed.
Pauline 2 months ago
Where are you from Pauline?
Jay 2 months ago
Hi Jay, I'm Dutch and living in the Netherlands (like most Dutch ;-) )
Pauline 2 months ago
I used to travel to the Netherlands for working reasons. Many tall, blonde,slim, pretty girls....
Hermenegildo 2 months ago
The company had the office in Leidschendam
Hermenegildo 2 months ago
Haha Hermenegildo, I'm no expert would agree the Dutch girls are tall in comparison with other countries ;-). About blonde, slim and pretty I do not know if the Dutch girls are very different than (at least) other European countries.
Pauline 2 months ago
Friend of mine worked in the Hague a couple of years and brought home a beautiful dutch girl
jaime 2 months ago
LOL, guess I belong to a popular species ;)
Pauline 2 months ago
Still no regrets about it?
Me 2 weeks ago
Only regrets I got myself in trouble at work... The way of solving it I do not regret.
Pauline 2 weeks ago
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